The Best Tips No One’s Telling You When Getting Lash Extensions

Most women’s top makeup choice is always mascara. And it’s a good pick for several reasons. For one, it makes your eyelashes darker, longer, and curlier, which can open up your eyes more. Apart from that, it can also double up as eyeliner and an eyebrow gel, depending on whether you have dark or light hair.

Of course, it still boils down to preference. But if you are a lash girl, then chances are you’ve already heard about getting lash extensions. You probably even considered going in for a consultation at or other spas within your area. However, if you still haven’t gone through the procedure, but you still consider it, you should presumably learning more about it as much as you can.

So, to help you on that matter, and when you’re ready, here is a set of rules to live by when getting lash extensions and what to do after.

  • Always Remember That Less Is More

When going in to get your lash extensions, don’t go all out, especially if it is your first time. The golden rule here is “less is more,” unless you are getting them done for a series of special events in the coming days. Once you have them on, the same rule applies. Do not apply too much mascara or eye products because this will require the use of a heavy-duty makeup remover. And these makeup removers are too much for your extensions to handle. Potent makeup removers are usually oil-based, which also means it can disrupt and loosen the adhesive on your lashes. Also, don’t tug or pull on your lid as much as this can cause your lashes to fall out. If you want to keep your lash extensions for longer, follow the rules.

  • Consider Your Sleeping Position And Switching Out Your Pillowcase

If you’re a side sleeper, you might end up finding lots of stray lashes on your pillowcase the next morning. Try sleeping on your back or switch to a less tugging pillowcase so you can preserve the quality of your lashes for longer.

  • Brush Your Lashes (All Of Them) Daily

The best hybrid lash extensions at Fancy Lash require the best care as well. Make sure to brush your lashes daily using a clean spoolie wand to keep them into place and from sticking together. It’s best to do this after you shower since wet lashes tend to clump together. You can also brush on a lash conditioner that’s safe for your lashes, both natural and extension.

  • Do Not Pick Them Out

Don’t play “he loves me; he loves me not” on your lash extensions. And you shouldn’t be doing that with flowers either. It might be tempting, and you might notice wonky hairs going astray after a few weeks, but do not pick at them. Your best solution is to brush them or see your specialist for a touch-up.

Final Word

Lash extensions can be one of the greatest decisions you make, makeup-wise. But you must go into it with all the right information.