Tips for the Speedy Recovery after the Cataract Surgery

People usually go through eye surgeries and nowadays cataract eyes surgery is very common. Cataract is a degenerative eye disease that usually occurs due to other eye diseases and mostly and mainly due to aging. After every surgery, there are some steps that need to be followed for the better and speedy recovery. Here we will give you some tips to take care of your eyes after the surgery.

  • Let us start with right after the operation. The operation does not take a lot of time, hardly 10 minutes but after that, you are supposed to stay in the recovery room for about 30 minutes to an hour.
  • After that, you have to wear the sunglasses to protect from the sunlight or the glare or any kind of harsh light that can cause pressure on your eyes.
  • There is this protective shield that is that is placed by the surgeon over the operated eye. You cannot remove it before the certain time that the surgeon has recommended. You can take rest for the designated time. But make sure to remember that you have to shield your eyes back while sleeping.
  • The recovery of your eyes might take some time around seven days. Don’t worry about the blurry vision or the distortions that are being seen because that is very common, the visual system takes some time to get used to the new lenses.
  • Your eyes will also look like bloodshot red. So that is also not an issue, that would be because of damaged nerves and it will get normal day by day.
  • Bruising might also occur because of the anesthetic effect and it will also go away after some time.
  • Your eyes might also feel a bit scratchy which is again a normal symptom and will fade away in a few days.
  • For all these above-mentioned issues your surgeon might have prescribed you some eye drops which are anti-inflammatory and can cure these issues.

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Rest of this, it is also recommended not to drive right after the operation. If you can avoid it for a week that is better rest your doctor can advice you better.

Additionally, avoid lifting up the weights and any kind of activity that can cause pressure on the eyes. It is also recommended to avoid vomiting or sneezing right after the operation as it will also put pressure on the eyes. Swimming or hot tub bath is also not very much recommended. It might cause infection in the eyes. Plus, Rubbing your eyes or exposing them to wind or dust is not a good idea after the operation. The last advice is to avoid or at least minimize computer work, watching TV and taking bath.

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