Having Your Knee Replaced

You have heard from the doctor that you will need a knee replacement. Although it is better than the pain you endure when you walk, the prospect of surgery is daunting. However, this procedure is relatively simple and will enhance your way of life. From the diagnosis to physical therapy brandon fl, here are the steps to this.

Breaking It Down

Knee replacement happens typically when the cartilage in your knee is worn away and bone rubs against another bone. The doctor can diagnose this after they does an MRI on the joint to determine the source of your pain. Once they determine this is the course of treatment, you will need to schedule it along with a physical.

Being Replaced

On the day of the surgery, you will come into the hospital and have an IV put in. When the time comes for the procedure, you will be given anesthesia to put you to sleep. The doctor will prepare the area of the joint for the new knee, which is made of metal and plastic. Once it is adhered to the bones and everything is in order, the doctor will sew up the incision. You will wake up from the medication and when medical staff is certain your vital signs are stable, you will be moved to a hospital room to recover.

Making It Better

After a few days stay in the hospital, you will go home to recuperate. You will be sent to a physical therapist almost immediately to start exercises to get your knee back to normal. The therapy will strengthen the muscles in your leg and reestablish your range of motion. While you are at home, you should take pain medication for comfort. You should also use ice and elevate your knee so that it will heal faster.