Common Eye Problems Caused in the Follicles of Eyelashes

Eye lashes are important to the health of the eyes, so when they start falling out or are extremely short, many things can happen. Eyes can develop infections which can be fungal, viral, or bacterial. Those who are contact lens wearers are also at risk of eye infections because of the reduction in oxygen getting to their corneas and fungal or bacterial collection caused by the failure to disinfect their contact lenses properly. 

Eyelashes important

But eyelashes are important also – in keeping dirt, sand and other items out of the eye. This can also cause eye infections in time.Think of how many objects you touch in a day and then perhaps rub your eyes. Door handles, ATM machines, computer keyboards, phones and shopping baskets; all these items carry germs and these germs easily can go from hands to the eyes causing several problems in health. Eyes are protected by mucous membranes, eyelashes, moist tissue that can easily collect germs and dirt. Anytime you rub your eyes, you are transmitting germs and there is a good chance you can catch some type of virus. 


A stye is a like a pimple on the eyelid that occurs when bacteria from the skin gets into the eyelash hair follicle. Styes are normally caused by staphylococcal infections but usually get better with no treatment, especially after they rupture. Symptoms may include redness, tenderness, as well as swelling. 


Blepharitis is an infection of the eyelids with symptoms including itching, swelling, and vision that is blurred.Causes that are common can include problems with the oil glands that are located at the base of the eyelids, skin conditions or infections. Cases that are severe might need antibiotics or steroids, but good eyelid hygiene and frequent cleaning should clear these infections up. Long eyelashes that are kept clean go a long way into preventing many of the eye infections from happening. 

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