5 Modern-Day Eye Surgery Techniques

Do you rely on glasses or contact lenses to see things better? The good news is that there are many laser eye surgery options available that can fix vision problems and improve your eyesight.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common modern-day eye surgery techniques:

1.     Lasik Surgery

Lasik is the most popular refractive eye surgery procedure. If you’re suffering from farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism, then your ophthalmologist may recommend you to go for Lasik surgery to improve your eye health.

This procedure focuses on reshaping the tissues under your cornea so that they can properly focus light and reduce your dependence on prescription eyeglasses. The refractive surgery costs between $2,750 and $3,000 per eye.

Lasik surgery procedure was introduced in Australia around 25 years ago and around 500,000 people have recovered from eyesight problems via this technique since then. It’s a completely safe and almost a pain-free procedure. But you need to take good care of your eyes after the surgery to protect your eyes and speed up Lasik surgery recovery.

2.     Lasek Procedure

Lasek refractive surgery is another effective technique that improves focus and helps you see things around you better without the help of visual aids. In this procedure, the ophthalmologist creates a flap. They use an alcohol solution to loosen tissues and then reshape your cornea.

A soft contact lens is placed to hold the flap in its place during the recovery process. This procedure is suitable to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

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Epi-Lasik is quite similar to Lasek surgery. The only difference is that, unlike the Lasek procedure, Epi-Lasik surgery doesn’t involve the use of an alcohol solution. During this procedure, a thin layer of tissues is removed before laser treatment.

3.     SMILE Laser Surgery

SMILE Laser procedure is a relatively new technique to address eyesight problems. But it still needs further research and development to gain the desired results.

This surgery is performed via a VisuMax femtosecond laser. It’s a less invasive technique in which the incision in the cornea is much smaller than Lasik procedure. It cuts fewer corneal nerves which is why patients recover fast. This procedure is highly accurate and is suitable to treat short-sightedness.

4.     PRK Eye Surgery

PRK or photorefractive keratectomy helps patients experiencing astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness. It’s a laser procedure that works best if your vision problem is mild.

This laser procedure is quite accurate and gives you 20/20 vision within a year of eye surgery. During this treatment, an ophthalmologist uses a beam of ultraviolet light on the surface of the cornea to adjust focus.

5.     PRELEX

As people age, they tend to experience long-sightedness or presbyopia due to the loss of elasticity of the eye lens. PRELEX is an effective refractive surgery procedure that improves vision and saves them from the hassles of wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses for better vision.

Now that you know about the safest and most common modern-day eye surgery treatments, you should visit an ophthalmologist at the earliest for treatment.