Lemonade: Why is it so powerful for health? See 10 benefits of the drink

Make a lemonade from the lemon ! Much consumed by us Brazilians, especially in times of warmer temperature , because of its freshness, lemon juice is a powerful food option for our health, regardless of the climate. Considered a superfood , the fruit carries a true arsenal of nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. 

Discover 10 benefits of consuming a good lemonade on a daily basis!

According to nutritionists, lemon is a superfood not a mere compliment, but a fact. It not only adds flavor to different dishes, but offers many health benefits. “The juice is rich in antioxidants, which is why lemon is used in the treatment of several diseases”, highlights the professional, presenting the reasons for consuming this drink:

10 reasons to consume lemon juice daily

1) Prevents the propensity of kidney stones: Ingesting half a cup of natural lemonade daily, provides the production of citrate, a salt that prevents the formation of stones in the body.

2) Relieves sore throats: Added honey, lemon juice or tea, soothes sore throat symptoms. A good suggestion is to add ginger, which in addition to detoxifying, also improves the performance of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.

3) To lose weight: Lemon is among the fruits that are rich in pectin, a natural fiber that controls blood glucose and helps fight hunger.

4) Provides energy to the body: In addition to energy, lemon is also an ally to good mood. Consume 1/2 glass of warm water with lemon and notice the difference. The fruit helps to clean the stomach, purify the blood and protect the body from many diseases, benefiting the body’s functioning.

5) Relieves itching: The union of lemon juice with cornstarch can be your solution for insect bites, soothes itching and pain when passed over the skin.

6) Great for digestion: Lemon juice eliminates waste and toxins from the body. It assists in the production of bile in the liver, which is an acid necessary for digestion. The tip is to mix the lemon juice with the flaxseed flour, according to research, the ingestion of this mixture 30 minutes before the meal, inhibits appetite, due to the presence of pectin, bringing the feeling of satiety and promoting weight loss.

7) Acts in the fight against cancer: The lemon contains alkalizing and detoxifying properties that prevent the propensity of cancer cells.

8) Rich in potassium: One of the most important minerals for the well-being of the body is also found in lemon. Throughout the day, we lose this mineral through sweat, for example, and a good way to replenish it is not just through bananas, consuming lemon juice in the morning is a good suggestion.

9) Lower fever: Lemon helps to lower body temperature, according to research. A lemon juice can be a good choice!

10) Balances the pH of the blood: It is one of the most alkalizing fruits, although acid, it helps to level the pH, benefiting the organism.

Detox water: Taking detox water throughout the day can help expel impurities from the body and deflate the body. Cut slices of lemon and cucumber, add mint in a jar of water. Leave in the refrigerator overnight. Try it!