Build your career in eyelash extension industry

Beauty or cosmetology industry has become one of the most popular industries. If you have strong interest in makeup, hair and want to show your creativity in this magic world, then this is your place. They provide a lot of courses which can provide you a better career according your choices. Eyelash extension is one of them. People want longer, fuller and curler eyelashes. Extension experts provide semi or permanent lash extension according to client’s choice.  By becoming eyelash extension expert, you can join cosmetology institute or makeup studios that provide eyelash extension courses. You will need to get certified to build and make a successful carrier in this industry. 

Things to consider

State’s licensing regulation – You need a license to work on skin, hair, nails and eyes as an esthetician is certified for skin treatments only. Some states require cosmetology license for eye extension but some state accept either license. For that do research and find the best licensed beauty schools or institutes to become an expert.

Eyelash technician training program – In this training program, you will learn about proper sanitation, lash bonding, client preparation, allergic reaction, and extension application procedures. Extension programs are available both in person and online. There are multiple certified licensed beauty schools that provide training online and offline. There are some programs that cover the overall cost of the training program along with the training material while there are others in which you will have to bear the cost of the materials.

Work for experience in salon or boutique– Before starting your business you should join the location that offers hair, nail, makeup, lash extension and other beauty services. There you will get a chance to meet industry expert who can guide and give you better advice and techniques which will be helpful in your career.