4 Ways to Improve Your Mood Instantly

Everyone has bad days. The mark of mastery is the ability to pull yourself out of a funk quickly and effectively when it happens.  Various global traditions dating back thousands of years have several ways to address this problem, and the scientific community does plenty of research on this front as well, so here are four well-used tips from to instantly improve your mood.

Lighten it Up

The term Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, was first coined in a paper by researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health in 1984.  They had discovered a significant trend every year as the winter months closed in (although it happens other times of the year, as well), particularly in certain regions of the country, when a portion of the population would begin reporting symptoms of depression and apathy.

One effective treatment developed for SAD was Light Therapy and involved exposing participants to a full-spectrum light bulb that most resembled sunlight for about one hour every morning soon after the subject awoke.  Whether you have been diagnosed with SAD or not, regular access to bright full-spectrum light can impact your mood as long as you don’t have medical conditions that make light sensitivity a problem.

Herbal Supplement Power

In many cultures around the world, plants have been coming to the rescue for several generations. Gabatrol is a substance made from the South African Kanna leaf (Sceletium Turtuosum), which is an ancient local medicine for stress and depression that has been shown effective by modern research. More and more people report using traditional shamanistic herbs like sage in specific ways to clear their minds as well as “clear the air”, and using fresh garden herbs in salads or cooking also creates a subtle sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

If weight problems and low energy or self-esteem might be costing your good mood; instead of blaming yourself for having a hard time (we all agree, it’s hard!), investigate a wide variety of supplements to help you increase metabolism and give you the energy you need to handle more activity in your life.  Fruta Planta is based on ancient Chinese Medicine and contains a long list of fruit and plant extracts designed to help people reach their weight loss goals along with diet and exercise.

For Your Listening Pleasure

Ancient Bon and Buddhist practices using “singing bowls” that involve prolonged, sometimes piercing ringing tones and certain kinds of sounds have also been investigated in modern times.  There were seven different tones that corresponded to both celestial bodies and the elements, and these tones have become more popular today in a new form called “Solfeggio Tones”.  These tones have been combined with a process called binaural beat that can improve mood as you listen.

The Nose Knows

Aromatherapy is another ancient practice that has become popular with many modern traditions, but this does not have to involve the essential oils which we often associate with this topic.  In this study, orange citrus scent was investigated by the National Institute of Health and found to have a positive impact on mood in the waiting room of a dentist’s office.  A common practice by Real Estate Agents during an Open House is to pop some chocolate chip cookies in the oven to create a nostalgic effect in potential buyers as they walk through the door.  Baking smells or any smells that trigger pleasant memories, scented candles, or even fresh fruit can instantly improve our mood by positive association.

Don’t slog through a bad day on your own; there are a whole host of solutions to turn to when you need a quick pick-me-up!