Learn About The Dangers Of Refrigerant

When you turn on your air conditioner you just expect it to turn on and nothing to be wrong. However, when your air conditioner does have an issue you may try to do some problem solving on your own, but end up figuring out that it is a refrigerant issue. What you need to realize then is the refrigerant issues are not something you want to take on. That is because refrigerant, if you have exposure to it can actually make you very sick and in some cases, it will serve as a poison that can make it impossible for you to function or even get away. So what are some of the side effects of freon and how can you tell if you are exposed? That is what you are about to learn here.

  1. Contains Fluorinated Hydrocarbons

This is one thing that people need to realize is the freon they are using, no matter what kind, has the fluorinated hydrocarbons inside of it. This is a chemical that can cause quite a bit of harm if it is ingested, inhaled, or even comes into contact with the skin. So you need to use caution when you are handling these and make sure you have the proper equipment to keep yourself safe from the chemicals that are being exposed to, why the professionals are the best option for most people.

You may be asking yourself what actually makes this such a major danger to your body. Well, it really depends on the level of exposure that you have to the refrigerant that is going to make the difference in the level of danger and what part was affected. IF you have a lot of exposure that was inhaled you will find that it can easily lead to you having a displacement of oxygen in the blood. This can easily lead to the feeling of choking, strangulation, or even gasping for air all because the air was completely cut off from the rest of the body because of the way the refrigerant is going to affect the body and what kind of results you will get from the refrigerant.

When it contacts your skin it does react differently, but it does have an impact on your skin as well. The affect is just going to be different and in some cases may be seen more as a freezing effect to some people or even a burning impact to some people. So this can easily cause quite a bit of damage to the skin and if you are not careful it could lead to the damage becoming permanent and not able to be reversed.

A major issue is if you have repeated or long term exposure to refrigerant that is leaking you can start to have some organ damage, fluid build ups in the lungs, and other issues that are going to impact your life as well. So it is important that you try to limit the amount of exposure you have to the refrigerant or you could end up having some problems in the long term with the refrigerant causing a lot of health issues for the rest of your life.

  1. Symptoms Of Poisoning

The symptoms of the refrigerant poisoning is going to vary, but they are going to fall along some of the same common lines. The main difference will come in how much of an exposure you managed to get from the refrigerant before you were able to get away from the poisoning that is going on in your body.

– Irritation to the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. This is often seen as one of the first symptoms and that comes from the fact that this exposure is affecting what is seen as mucus membranes. These are going to be permeable and that is why they are going to be among some of the first things that are affected and irritated when you start to have any of the exposure that you are going to experience.

– Nausea and vomiting are other symptoms of the exposure. This is one that comes about from the exposure you have and often it will make you feel very sick to your stomach and lead to you throwing up even.

– Coughing is going to be something that you need to deal with as well. The cough is when the refrigerant has reached the lungs and is starting to cause some irritation that is impacting the lungs and making them spasm almost to lead to a cough.

– Chemical burns are another aspect that you will find as being a sign of a danger. That is because this is a chemical and it does react with the skin. In some extreme cases, like freon, it can lead to frostbite on the skin and easily lead to people not being able to recover from the damage that has been done.

– Long term exposure can lead to more complicated issues like fluid accumulation in the lungs. When this happens, people are going to have an almost congestive heart failure type of lung. This can be treated, but it will take some time to get the treatment done right because it is from a chemical and not the medical condition that is going to lead to the issue.

– Something else that can happen with long term exposure, without being removed is death. This comes from the way the refrigerant is going to be death because it can lead to seizures, loss of consciousness, and other complicating issues that can kill people.

Being aware of the dangers of refrigerant is a good thing. However, for a lot of people, they are not sure what these are going to be or even how they can impact them. By learning more about what the poisoning is and the impact it can have on their health, people will not mind calling a professional to handle these for them or even in getting the professional to make all the proper repairs that are needed to the air conditioners.