Is It Wise To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Tooth decay due to wisdom teeth is one of the most significant health problems among the people of Australia. The Australian Dental Association conducted a study and found that the majority of Australians stated that bad breath and decayed teeth were the significant problem on their first-date. Despite educating the value of good oral health, the study revealed that only half of the adult population visit the dentist in Australia.

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars located in the upper and lower jaws. These teeth are commonly called as wisdom teeth because they erupt between the ages of late teen and early twenties. The erupted tooth can be useful when it is properly aligned but if they are misaligned, it needs to be removed.

The Impacted Wisdom Tooth:

Impacted wisdom tooth can result in pain, cause damages to the nearby teeth along with other dental problems. In some cases, wisdom teeth may not cause any inconvenience immediately, but, later on it might lead to tooth decay.

Also, impacted wisdom teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria, which might cause tooth decay. It affects the neighbouring tooth which leads to the infection of the overlying gums, resulting in swelling and pain. The formulation of cysts around the impacted teeth occurs, and it again leads to the destruction of other nearby teeth. With the help of a qualified dentist, you can remove the wisdom tooth which troubles you, to avoid decay and other problems.

Wisdom teeth extraction can be stressful like other complicated surgery right from the initial consultation to the final recovery, but when you are in the hands of a certified dentist the wisdom teeth removal in Sydney will not be stressful.   There are several benefits in removing the wisdom teeth, and the following are the few benefits of removing it.

Under Which Circumstances Should You Remove The Wisdom Tooth?

  • When you experience Swelling and severe pain in tooth
  • If Cysts or tumours form around the impacted teeth
  • If you have frequent infections around the teeth.
  • Decay or gum infection that affects the health of the adjacent teeth

Average Cost Of Wisdom Teeth Removal:

The Cost may vary from one to another dentist. The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney ranges from $225-$250 for straightforward wisdom teeth removal with no complexities. The maximum price you will have to pay for a wisdom teeth removal in Sydney would be $970, but the final price of your wisdom tooth removal is always determined by the complexity of the procedures like tooth division, bone removal and raising flaps.

Approximately, one in twenty Australian adults lose their teeth due to dental decay. The Level of untreated tooth decay is high, when compared amid indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.  Wisdom teeth removal cost at Sydney is available at economical rates when compared to other regions. Some hospitals entertain health and dental insurance that covers wisdom tooth removal costs. Search for a certified professional for removing your wisdom teeth today!