6 Ways to Get Fit with Your Little One

A lot of mothers use their kids as an excuse not to get healthy and back into shape. They say that daily care just takes up too much of their time, and the little ones constantly demand for their energy and time.

Your kid, no matter how young he or she is, should never be a reason for you to neglect what is good for you. With careful time management and a few creative hacks, you can squeeze fitness into your weekly, if not your daily routine.

To give you ideas on how you can inject self-care into your daily “mommy activities,” rounded up below are six fun ways to get fit with your young child.

1. Go fruit and/or vegetable picking together

There are a growing number of community gardens and farms that welcome people who want to pick their own fruits and veggies.

This activity is beneficial to your health in a number of ways. You get fresh ingredients for meals at home (including your child’s health drinks); you also get a good workout because there’s a lot of bending down and walking involved. Plus, if you have your child in a carrier on your back, that’s a great way to intensify the workout.

It’s important to mention, too, that exposing your little one to where food is naturally derived from is a lovely educational experience in itself. Getting him or her to pick fruits and veggies with you can also help in developing cognitive and motor skills.

2. Take early morning hikes together

Here, you will actually be doing most of the work especially if you have a very young child and you use a carrier; but it sure makes for a higher difficulty workout.

As for your baby or toddler, the hike will benefit his or her health through exposure to the sun, which is a source of vitamin D (calcium’s partner for strong bones). In addition to that, bub and you can get some fresh, clean air as well.

3. Try aqua therapy

Visit the community pool and perform different water exercises with your child. This way, you can boost your strength and flexibility; at the same time, it can help alleviate your back aches and pain.

Your child, on the other hand, can develop better balance and increase his or her range of motions. It is worth noting as well that aqua therapy is highly beneficial for children with sensory issues.

4. Dance

Follow a Zumba video online. The funky music will surely excite your little one, and when you exercise, it’s quite likely that your child will want to join.

A single Zumba video typically only lasts as long as a song. For about four to five minutes, you get a serious workout with your little one moving along to the music with you.

The great advantage to dancing as a workout is it’s quite easy to do, and you can do it any time of the day at home. Most importantly, it is “your” activity that can also help expend your child’s energy. A lot of parents say that exercising with their child actually makes naptime and night-time rest easier for everybody.

5. Walk around the neighbourhood

An early morning or late afternoon stroll will help you work toward the 10,000 steps a day for health. If your child is still quite young, put him or her in a pram or a carrier.

Walk to and from your local park or establish a route that does not have a lot of cars – you don’t want your child to be inhaling car fumes – and enjoy your child’s silent company.

6. Try zoo-themed yoga

Yoga is a fantastic way to improve your body’s flexibility, and you can do it right in the comfort of your own home. If you try zoo-themed yoga, though, your kid may be more inclined to join because of the animal-inspired poses. This is a clever way to get you and your little one moving and to teach him or her about different animals.

Getting back into shape does not need to be a huge, time-consuming production. You just need to be deliberate and, of course, have a positive disposition about it.