Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil, Answered

CBD oil is a treatment that has been in the news a lot lately. Known as being derived from the cannabis plant, CBD tinctures and oils have widely been seen as a controversial treatment. However, CBD oil differs greatly from the substance that is used as a recreational drug, and, if taken properly, can offer incredible health and wellness benefits.

Because the benefits of CBD oil aren’t widely known, we have created a simple CBD oil FAQ page that will help you learn more about this wonderful product.

Q: How Does CBD Oil Differ from the Marijuana That Is Banned in Most States?

A: Even though they come from the same plant, CBD oil and marijuana are vastly different. The difference comes down to the cannabinoids THC and CBD, which are chemicals found in the cannabis plant. THC is found in marijuana and causes a sense of intoxication, whereas CBD oil doesn’t cause any feelings of being high or alter your mental state.

Q: How Does CBD Work?


A: CBD is so successful because it works directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This is a network of synapses and neurons that run throughout your body, primarily found in the brain and the nervous system. Because these chemicals already exist in our bodies, when we add more, our psychological processes thank us. Common side effects of CBD oil in the body includes a boost in memory, increased feelings of happiness, and a lack of pain, to name a few.

Q: How is CBD oil extracted?

A: CBD is obtained from the cannabis plant via a process known as CO2 extraction. Using this method gets the most out of the plant, and allows for a purer oil.

Q: What Benefits Come With Using CBD Oil?

A: Plenty of benefits come with using CBD oil, depending on the ailment you are trying to mend. This includes relief from chronic pain, anxiety and depression, a sleep aid, a skin soother, and an aid for nausea, to name a few.

Q: Is the Response to CBD the Same for Everybody?

A: No, each person will respond to a CBD oil treatment differently. This is simply because everybody has different chemical makeups, and factors such as weight, gender, age, medical history, and height all come into play when determining how CBD oil will affect you personally.

Q: Is CBD Legal Everywhere?

A: Unfortunately, no. As of press time, CBD is not legal in all 50 states. Here is a list of the states where CBD has been approved for use.

Q: How Do I Use CBD Oil?

A: CBD oil is incredibly versatile, and you are able to administer it anyway you choose. The most common methods include to apply CBD oil topically, vape CBD, and eat CBD oil. It all depends on your personal preference, and you can use a balm, a tincture, a rub, a cream, or an oil.

Q: Can I Use CBD Oil on My Pet?

A: While we recommend asking your veterinarian, we have seen many pets use CBD oil. Usually, most symptoms that you use CBD oil for on a human, you can use on a pet when applied topically.

Q: Will I Pass a Drug Test if I Use CBD Oil?

A: As drug test tests only for the THC cannabinoid, typically, you will pass a drug test if you use CBD oil. However, we recommend checking the source of your CBD oil before the test, as both THC and CBD oil occur naturally in the cannabis plant. Even the smallest of amounts can register on the drug test, so it pays to double-check.

We hope that answering these FAQs have helped give you more insight on the world of CBD oil.