What Are The Side Effects Of Using Kamagra?

Achat Kamagra has side effects when abused or when taken regularly without the right dosage. The effects of Kamagra will be persistent when it is used wrongly or rather when it is used without a dosage. These negative side effects of Kamagra have made it not to be approved by the European Union countries. As technology advances, the side effects will be minimized so that the drug can be approved worldwide. Here are some negative side effects:

  1. Vasocongestion

This refers to the gradual change in the color and the temperature of the body. This is caused by the tendency of blood to flow more in some specified regions around the body than others. Once you take Kamagra, it increases the rate of flow of blood to some body parts such as the loins, and this will make the temperature and color of the body parts to change. Of course, at the place with more blood flow, temperatures around that region increase and a place darken.

  1. It may also cause diarrhoea and indigestion

When Kamagra is taken in large amounts, it causes the relaxation of the tissues in the stomach and the digestive tract. This may result in the passage of food directly so that they there is no control of the outflow of food.

  1. A headache may also arise

Sildenafil is a stimulant that is contained in Kamagra, and its main use is to increase the rate of blood circulation. This means that it increases the pressure on the blood vessels and thus the blood vessels in the brain will carry a lot of pressure. This will result in headaches since the blood pressure in the brain has gradually increased. Once you take it regularly, it can cause increased headaches due to the blood vessel pressure.


In order to avoid these inconveniences, there is only one instruction. Just make sure that you seek medical advice from a physician before buying Kamagra from kamelef and using it. Never assume that you know the dosage or you can purchase Kamagra without any prescription. The physician wills advice on the amount of dosage you need and they will also advice just in case you have any medical condition or allergies associated with the drug. If not careful, excessive consumption of Kamagra can cause blindness due to the increased pressure in the blood vessels. You also need to consider that.