Qualities That Make A Good Cosmetic Surgeon


The number of people undergoing plastic surgery is increasing as the years go by in a bid to achieve their desired looks. Recent studies indicate that more than 18 million plastic surgeries including breast augmentation and facelift were carried out last year. If you have been considering an aesthetic enhancement, one of the first things you must think about is what makes a good plastic surgeon before you book an appointment. With the horror stories on the internet and reality shows about plastic surgeries gone wrong, the worst mistake you can make is choosing the wrong surgeon for the enhancement procedure. Since you are placing your life and health in the hands of the plastic surgeon, the medical expert should possess some qualities.

Proper experience

You can never substitute expertise in the plastic surgery sector. Plastic surgeons with several years of experience have perfected their surgical skills over time, and they have operated on several patients. As such, an experienced surgeon will distinguish between good candidates for aesthetic enhancements from the rest. An experienced surgeon also assists patients to develop realistic expectations after plastic surgery.


Cosmetic surgery is not an area where the patient is always right. A surgeon should consult with a patient before he or she gives an opinion on the attainable results and the surgeries that may not make sense for the outcome that a patient wants. Therefore, you want to be sure that the surgeon you choose is prudent enough to give opinions and advice on the appropriate procedure; otherwise, you may have a botched cosmetic surgery.

A clean record

Medical boards in every state have a list of litigations such as disciplinary action taken by the board and malpractice judgments that surgeons have been involved in during their practice. Before selecting a surgeon for your aesthetic enhancement, you ought to check the records to know the history of the medical expert. You do not want to place your health and life under the hands of a doctor who has been involved in several medical malpractices.

A comprehensive collection of surgical procedures

Cosmetic surgeons perform surgeries on the body and face. They also offer an array of non-surgical procedures that improve the appearance of a patient and complement results obtained from the surgical procedures. Therefore, a surgeon who offers a collection of surgical procedures is better placed than one who provides limited methods to carry out cosmetic surgeries. As you choose a surgeon, ensure that you select one who has proven experience carrying out the procedure that you want.

Commitment to ongoing education

Top-notch cosmetic surgeons are always undergoing training and attending conferences on the latest technological advancements in their area of specialization like laser skin resurfacing body contours, and fat grafting. They update their techniques and equipment to offer their patients the best treatment and care. Consequently, you should go for the surgeon who possesses this quality if you want a successful cosmetic surgery.

Board certification

Getting a certification from the board of plastic surgeons is not a formality. The certification is an indication that the surgeon is skilled and possesses specialized training in plastic surgery. Additionally, maintaining the certification is also a sign that the surgeon has a certain amount of ongoing training or education to make sure that he or she has the expertise of the current research in the cosmetic surgery industry.

Good communicator

Good communication skill is a quality that patients cannot afford to overlook when looking into what makes a good plastic surgeon. Every patient wants to get treated by a surgeon who they can openly discuss potential risks, aesthetic goals, and complications and come up with realistic expectations. The likelihood of patient satisfaction and surgery success are high when working with a good communicator.


Cosmetic surgery is a huge decision. As such, most patients need time to think about the procedure, and most of them do not agree right off the bat. You should not feel pressured to decide because it has long-life effects. Consequently, you need a surgeon who is patient with you as you make the decision.

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