Is it time to start an anti-aging routine?

There comes a time in each of our lives where we ask ‘mirror mirror on the wall, who’s fairest of them all?’ and all our mirror can do to save our blushes is change the subject. Nice weather we’re having. Did you watch the game? Read any new books? That kind of thing. The problem is that skin doesn’t last forever. At least, the appearance of youthful looking springy bouncy skin that is puffed and supple in all the right places and smooth and taught in others. Try as we might to avoid the realisation that we are past our peak, getting old is a fact (on the plus side, getting old is way better than the alternative!). So, what are the crucial and fundamental skincare habits that will maintain our spritely appearance for as long as possible? And how can we do it on a budget? If you have researched prices for certain techniques, such as the monthly cost for HGH therapy, you may be wondering how to pace your budget to find the right choice for you.

Prevention is better than cure

There’s an old saying in the medical arena that is never more true than in the case of skincare. Prevention is better than cure. Keeping your skin as youthful looking as possible is much easier than trying to regain a youthful look once your overall skin health levels have dipped to below an acceptable standard. What does this mean for you? To an extent, all skincare routines include prevention of further damage, maintenance of what you are working with, and reversal of any particular problem zones or issues. This all begins with investing in a gentle sensitive skin cleanser. Why? Because daily prevention of a build-up of grease and dirt is going to prevent much larger issues down the line. The cleanser must be gentle, however, as everyday use of a harsh chemical cleanser will damage the outer protective layers of healthy skin.

Choose a lightweight gel moisturiser

Another mistake made by people trying to claw back some semblance of youthful looking skin is the adoption of a heavy-duty moisturiser that they think will ‘pump up’ or inflate the skin to previously more supple levels. This is not true. A heavy moisturiser will only serve to block pores and create a greasy appearance. A lighter moisturiser used every day will prolong a youthful appearance.