Breast Augmentation Recovery – Everything You Need to Know

Let us first start by looking at what breast augmentation refers to shall we?

Also is known as augmentation mammoplasty and it is the surgery done to increase the size of the breast. It comprises the insertion of breast implants under chest muscles or tissues of the breast.

Some women do it so they can feel more confident while others do it as part of rebuilding their breast for other several conditions.

If you are planning on having a breast augmentation, ensure you do proper research first to fully understand what the surgery involves and if there are any complications or risks involved.

Before you can undergo the process, it is vital for you to understand how the recovery process will be and how long it might take. However, it is essential to note that it is a slow process and people recover at different speed rates. Everyone is different right?

Let us break the whole recovery process down.

1.24 Hours After the Surgery

During the first day, you might experience some discomfort which can be eased by the use of over the counter medication or prescribed drugs by the surgeon. You can also notice some bruising, nausea and swelling too.

You might be instructed not to move your arms before 48 hours are over after the procedure. Therefore, you are not supposed to do some things like driving and lifting things. Ensure that you have shirts that are easily removable. This will help you not to strain after your procedure and for the first few weeks too.

You will be needed to avoid any physical activity through out breast augmentation recovery. Ensure that you refrain from nicotine, alcohol, and blood thinning medications.

2.Two to Ten Days After the Procedure

After two days, you will be needed to start doing some displacement exercises. These massage techniques which can be done at home help you prevent complications and achieve results that look natural.

You can be clear to drive after you have stayed for 2-3 days. However, you should not drive if you are taking pain medications that can seriously impair your driving skills. It is, therefore, crucial for you to check with the doctor before going back to driving.

3.After Four to Six Weeks

You will start noticing some final results after a month following your augmentation. You will see your breast falling into their normal and natural position.

During this period, you will hardly require any painkillers. You will also be ready to wear your sports bras or push up bras and stop wearing the surgical ones. If you were working out, it could be safe for you to go back to your exercise routine.
You should be able to slowly exercise your upper body after being cleared by the doctor. You can also begin running after around six weeks following your breast augmentation.

4.A Few Months After

You will now see the full results of your procedure according to your expectations. During this period, you are now ready to exercise your lower body and perform heavy lifting after three months.

The scar tissue will heal during this period and will completely fade over time. If properly taken care of, the scars should be invisible after two years. It is advisable that you consult your doctor once or twice a month after your procedure. This helps you get precise results and know how your recovery is going.

Your doctor, like this breast augmentation Phoenix doctor, will then be able to observe the breast fold and incision site which helps to make sure you are satisfied with the implant shape and size.