The Benefits of Using Sunscreen

The UV rays of the sun are harmful to the skin, and the best way to protect the skin is by applying sunscreen. There are a lot of aspects you need to know about sunscreen face creams and lotions before applying them. T

Here are certain guidelines you need to follow to bring out the maximum protection from the sunscreen lotions and creams

  • If you plan to stay outdoors for more than half an hour, you must apply the sunscreen lotion or face cream 20 minutes to 30 minutes before stepping outdoors.
  • It is essential to reapply the sunscreen cream at an interval of 3 hours when you step outdoors. In case it is scorching hot outside which is making you sweat heavily, you must reapply the sunscreen lotion at an interval of 1 hour or 2 hours.
  • Before going outdoors, it is essential to apply the sunscreen lotion to all the exposed parts of the body such as lips, ears, back of the hands and face.
  • Whenever you apply the sunscreen lotion, apply it generously. Make sure to smooth in the cream or lotion instead of rubbing it in.
  • Ladies must apply the sunscreen cream under their makeup. It is not a good idea to apply the sunscreen once you reach the beach. You should rather apply it half an hour before going to the beach. Once you begin to perspire, there is no point applying the sunscreen lotion as moisture makes the sunscreen cream less effective.

Who Must Use the Sunscreen Cream or Lotion?

Anyone who steps outdoors must wear the sunscreen cream or lotion. This includes children, women, and men. Everyone should apply sunscreen, irrespective of whether they tan easily or not. Both dark-skinned, as well as the fair-skinned individuals, must wear the sunscreen lotion. Sunscreen can safely be used for children as well as it is effective in preventing the development of skin cancer later.

What is the SPF in the Sunscreen?

SPF is the ‘Sun Protection Factor’. The ‘SPF number’ shows the efficiency with which a sunscreen can protect a person from the sun’s UV rays. Greater the SPF, more effectively it will protect the skin. It is essential to make use of a sunscreen that has an SPF factor greater than 15. If an individual is suffering from a precancerous lesion or skin cancer, he/she must use a sunscreen with a high SPF factor.

Why Must Everyone Apply Sunscreen Before Going Outdoors?

  • As the ozone layer in the atmosphere is depleting it is offering less protection to the body from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • The rate of skin cancer is increasing, and the application of sunscreen has proved to reduce the development of the skin cancer.
  • Sunscreen helps in preventing skin discolouration and brown spots on the face.
  • Sunscreen even helps to lower the appearance of blotchiness and red veins on the face.
  • It delays premature ageing and lowers the rate of appearance of wrinkles.

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