3 Important Reasons Why Your Laser Technician Should Always Be Qualified

Even though laser treatments are not surgical procedures, this doesn’t mean that your laser technician shouldn’t have the necessary qualifications. You wouldn’t let an unqualified electrician tend to the wiring in your home, would you?

By taking the time to choose a qualified laser technician, you are not only keeping your skin safe but ensuring that you’ll receive the results that you’re hoping for.

Today’s modern laser treatments and equipment have made it possible to rejuvenate your skin, remove unwanted hair, reduce fine lines and more. There are several different types of laser treatments to choose from depending on your specific goals but each of these procedures requires the skills of a qualified and experienced technician for them to be useful.

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Why Your Laser Technician Should Always Be Qualified

Here are three main reasons why you should never use a laser technician who can’t prove that they’ve undergone formal training.

  1. Everyone has different requirements

A qualified laser technician is able to evaluate your skin, medical history and hair follicles to determine how your skin will respond to a specific laser treatment. From there, they can advise you on a treatment that will suit your needs. Any reputable clinic will spend time evaluating your skin before they go ahead with any treatments. Make sure that your technician has walked you through your options and has told you exactly what to expect during and after your treatment. Professional technicians will leave you feeling informed and comfortable before proceeding with any type of treatment.

  1. Lasers are medical machines

If a machine has Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval, it needs to be operated with care. Using a laser incorrectly is not the same as making a mistake while shaving or waxing. An unqualified technician can end up damaging your skin for good if they don’t know what they’re doing. A laser needs to be fine-tuned based on each patient’s hair and skin type in order for the treatment to be carried out safely and effectively. Technicians from reputable clinics will have undergone in-depth training in laser usage and safety. They also need to have a certain number of training hours under their belts before they’re allowed to work unsupervised.

  1. You want your treatment to be comfortable

Even though most laser treatments are bearable, some patients do experience mild discomfort. Using a qualified technician means that they will know how to adjust the laser to make your treatment as comfortable as possible while still providing you with the best results.

It might seem like extra effort to have to research multiple clinics and ask every technician about their training and experience but knowing that you’re going to be well taken care of makes it well worth it. Know that laser technicians are used to being asked about their experience and qualifications so do what you need to do to make your wellbeing a priority.