Third Party Laboratories: Special Indicators to Help You Identify the Best

When clients comes to your cannabis store, they want to get high quality product for specific therapeutic benefits, such as help with migraine or anxiety. As a trader, your goal is to ensure that these clients get the satisfaction they want. To deliver this satisfaction, you need to use the services of third party laboratories. 

A third-party laboratory is an independent organization that tests samples, including cannabis products, to determine their components. This process is very important because a significant number of suppliers and manufacturers give wrong information about their products. The laboratories demonstrate the cannabinoid profile and further indicate whether the product contains harmful products, such as heavy metals. In this post, we will tell you some useful indicators that you can use to identify a good third party laboratory.  

Positive Feedback from Past Clients 

One of the best ways of knowing a great third party laboratory is looking at what past clients had to say after using its services. By looking at the customer feedback, it implies that they will have tested the services for you. If they were satisfied with the services, you could also expect to get similar satisfaction. However, you should also carry your own evaluations to determine if the independent laboratory is also okay for testing your cannabis products.  

No Association to Any Party in the Hemp Industry 

As mentioned on, the hemp market continues growing, traders are using all sorts of tricks to gain a bigger market share. When it comes to third party laboratory testing, you should only go for the one that is completely independent. This means that the laboratory is not affiliated to any party in the cannabis supply chain, and it will give the test results as they are without bias. 

Understanding of the Hemp Industry 

Although the hemp industry is pretty new, the best independent laboratory should have a management that understands its history and all the requirements. This is very important, especially for new traders who are unsure of the different components that should be tested. For example, many traders think that the only thing that should be tested is the cannabinoid profile. While this is pretty important, a good independent laboratory will tell you that it is crucial also to check the presence of heavy metals and bio-contaminants. 

Ability to Test All the Components

After selecting a third party laboratory to test your cannabis products, it will be more convenient and cheap too to only deal with it for all your testing works. Therefore, the laboratory should be capable of running all the tests that you need. Here are some of the tests that you should target: 

  • Potency test. 
  • Pesticides. 
  • Terpenes. 
  • Organic solvents. 
  • Bio-contaminants. 
  • Heavy metals. 

When looking for a third party laboratory, it is prudent to ensure you only work with the best. This is the 3rd party laboratory that understands the industry well, has no affiliation to any party in the supply chain, and can run the tests pretty fast.