The Right Order Of Weightlifting Exercises – All You Should Know

Weightlifting exercises are one of the best ways to build muscles if you are a body builder. All bodybuilders must go through a series or weight lifting exercises on almost a daily basis to succeed. These series of exercises must have an order do that the body can make optimum use of them to increase the muscles. It is a similar case to how one takes the diet or the anabolic steroids in a systematic way. You can visit to see the various useful steroids you can use to aid in transforming your body. Anyway, back the weightlifting exercises. The highlights below guides on the right order of these exercises.

General guidelines for order of weightlifting exercises

Start with bigger muscles exercises, then smaller muscle exercises

The exercises that aid the back and the chest muscles to grow should always come before the shoulder exercises. Similarly, all the ones that workouts the triceps are followed by the bicep ones. For a layman language, Do the hamstrings, quads, and others like then before the lighter exercises like the abs.

Doing the weight lifts before the machine exercises

While most people would be tempted to take the machine exercises like the incline machine press first, the right order to start with the deadlifts and pull ups.

Doing the compound exercises first them isolation second

Compound exercises cover a number of muscles at once and are better when they are done first. For instance, one must do the bench presses and squats then leg curls and extensions.

Order when many muscle groups are involved

Now that you know the general rules or the order, It is time to understand some details. Sometimes one workout program may be touching many muscle groups and this too has order for optimum benefits. It may be confusing at the first time since most people think the best way is to take one muscle and do all exercises back to back. However, applying the above rules or order means that one may train one muscle, go to the other and then return to the previous one. This is fine and in fact what is usually the case. Therefore, focus on applying the general guidelines even if one workout involves many muscles.

Order of workout for beginners

As a beginner in weightlifting, it is crucial to know that your body is not used to long and training sequences. Therefore, they will have an easy time following the general rules of triceps before the biceps. For them, the isolation may not be a priority as the body as to adapt first. However, they must let the body get used to the right sequence all from the beginning.


Upon becoming an intermediate and expert bodybuilder, following the order strictly is one discipline to embrace. Whether some exercises become your favorite or not, your success in building big muscles partly relies on this. However, there are times when one may need to distort the order due to unavoidable circumstances. This should be temporary for one or two days and it is acceptable.