Smart Weight Loss Right for You


Do you want firm and slightly muscular arms? You only have partial or sometimes incorrect information. The Internet is full of blogs, sites, videos, etc. How to lose arms and belly Most of the time, the information found is not adapted to your situation. If you choose to use the best diet pills then surely you would look for

What makes you feel lost. So do not ruin yourself to pay for the services of a coach or nutritionist. What we are asking you is only your attention. To lose weight, you must first understand where the problem lies:

Let’s go back to the source of the problem:

Why are your arms soft?

The answer is not so simple as it looks. There are three main causes:

The fat:

If you find that you have “bat” wings, it is likely that you tend to store fat in the back of your arms .

You probably ask yourself the question: “But why only the arms? ”

  • Your genetics and your morphology have made it like that.
  • Do not worry, it is not irremediable, quite the contrary.
  • It is easier to lose arm fat than abdominal fat, for example.
  • How? Just exercise, preferably bodybuilding.

Gravity :

The force of gravity acts on your skin over time, so sooner or later you will have to deal with this problem. No need to panic, if you are under 50, you will not have to worry about it. On the other hand, if you prepare your “retirement” well, even at age 50, it will not be a problem.

Cellulite: The infiltrated cellulite, or rather the water retention, can soften your arms. You can spot it thanks to its shape of orange peel. Know that cellulite is not inevitable, you can eliminate it with a better diet. How to lose weight without muscle However, you can stimulate fat loss in the area you want.

For example by doing targeted weight training exercises. There are even alternatives to bodybuilding such as fitness, swimming, gym. Let’s go.

A little anatomical reminder:

You must know a very important thing:

The shape your arm takes depends on your “biceps” and “triceps”. Whether it is to take a little muscle, or to lose fat, you must “muscle” or rather exercise this part of your body.

The biceps consists of two muscles:

  • the brachial
  • the anterior brachialis.
  • It works in the flexion of your forearm.
  • So it’s the muscle that will give that convex look to your arm.

The triceps consists of three muscles:

  • the long portion,
  • the outer vast,
  • The vast internal.
  • It works in the extension of your forearms and the extension of the shoulder.
  • If you have “bat” wings, you will have to focus on your triceps.
  • This is where fat tends to be stored.

What nutrition to adopt to slim down the arms?

The principle of fat loss at the arm level is the same principle of fat loss in general.