Right age for hair transplants and Richfeel reviews

The changing lifestyles of modern man, especially those living in the cities has given rise many health issues. This also has had a major impact on their overall appearance and personality as the current unhealthy lifestyle has led to issues like obesity as well as premature balding.

As reported by expert trichologists, the instances of male pattern balding have increased and now even men in the age group of 25-27 years are making a bee line for hair transplants. Though advanced procedures are available, experts suggest that transplants must only be opted for after a certain age, preferably 35.

What is the right age for hair transplants?

As per expert clinicians who have been performing hair transplant procedures for many years now, men should go for such aesthetic hair restoration procedures only after the age of 35 and never in their early or mid-twenties.

Why is it ideal to go for hair transplants post 35?

When in their 20s men are still in the phase wherein the baldness can intensify or stop all together. The exact picture only becomes clear after the age of 35 when they have almost lost all the hair that is to be shed. It is only then that the final picture becomes clear and doctors can say exactly what kind of a transplant will be required and what will be the expenses involved.

What can younger men with significant hair loss do to overcome the issue?

Well, after reading the above discussion many of you may be thinking that you will have to wait till you completely go bald and only then get a transplant and in tandem spoil all those youthful years when looks can make or break many relationships and opportunities. The good news is, for such younger men facing massive hair loss issues, clinics like Richfeel have come up with revolutionary products like Richfeel Anagrow as well as masking products like Richfeel hair fiber.

What is Richfeel Anagrow?

If you have seen the Richfeel Hair Transplant Reviews on youtube, facebook and quora, you will see hundreds of people talking about this revolutionary technology. This is the world’s first non-invasive hair replacement procedure which is performed using a compound called PCT Rejuva Max. This compound is purely made from plant extracts and Nano-Lipobelle Coenzyme Q10 and is applied on the scalp using a technologically superior machine called the RF Anagain 10 X. This machine is designed to detoxify the scalp, remove DHT and apply the compound PCT Rejuva Max in a manner to facilitate transdermal absorption.

Since this procedure is absolutely non-invasive, even men in their twenties can go for it. This procedure offers lasting results and can be performed again without any health complications at all. The Richfeel reviews are replete with praises of this product and you can trust the trichologists in this clinic completely.

Richfeel Hiar fiber: This is another revolutionary product that everyone can use to get a voluminous look and mask the bald patches. You just have to evenly sprinkle the fiber all across the bald patches and you are good to go.

At Richfeel, people can also go for hair transplants. The Richfeel hair treatment reviews are very positive and you can completely trust them with procedures like Follicular Unit Transplantation

Therefore, if you feel that you definitely need to do something to get rid of the balding patches; you can always opt for these technologically superior products and services after carefully evaluating your own readiness.