Natural Alternatives To Prescription Medications For Back Pain

Regardless of whether you experience it as a sharp and sudden pain or a constant ache that can last from a few short days onto weeks or months, back pain is described as debilitating. Out of all the back-pain types, lower-back pain happens to be the more common one. When you decide to ignore this pain, because you think it is caused by general fatigue or your hectic work schedule you may be overlooking the true cause of your back pain.

If you use medication to treat pain in your back over a long-term basis, you run the risk of serious issues such as kidney and liver damage, ulcers or issues with your blood clotting. The more harmful of these medications includes the narcotic analgesics and muscle relaxants which are often prescribed by doctors for the treatment of chronic pain, which are usually addictive. If you have decided that you would like to explore alternatives treatments for your back pain, you may want to consider these natural based treatments as well as back pain patches to relieve your back pain and to make your back stronger to protect you against injuries into the future.

  • Massage Therapy

A recent study has discovered that adults that have been suffering from pain in the lower back for a minimum of 6 months underwent massage therapy for 30 minutes twice weekly over a period of 5 weeks all reported less anxiety and depression, less pain along with better sleep. One of the main reasons for these improvements is linked to an increase in mood-lifting hormones such and dopamine and serotonin along with a reduction in cortisol which is a stress hormone. Cortisol is also associated with increasing muscle tension, these participants also reported that they were now able to bend forward a lot easier.

Massage therapy is an option for relieving sub-acute that has lasted for 4 to 12 weeks along with chronic that has lasted for more than 12 weeks lower back pain. This is especially true when it has been combined with education and exercise. Unfortunately, the effects will not last for very long, but is certainly a viable alternative to muscle relaxants.

  • Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic treatments is often an excellent and immediate way to work out any kinks or tension in your back which offers instant relief. Certain studies have suggested that chiropractic care is regarded as a more effective alternative over hospital-outpatient management in association to patients with chronic or severe back pain. Long-term effects start to become evident if you continue with follow-up appointments.

  • Acupuncture

For those who do not have a fear of needles, acupuncture is another popular alterative over medications for treating back pain. The ancient Chinese remedy involves inserting fine needles into the key points that corrects flow of energy or chi present inside your body which assists with relieving lower back-pain. Studies conducted that examined immediate effects from a single acupuncture session in patients suffering from lower back pain showed that this form of treatment in the most painful points offered immediate relief.

An overall review of all the research and studies conducted on effectiveness associated with acupuncture to alleviate lower back pain has shown that when used on its own or in combination with conventional therapies, acupuncture provides short-term improvements for function and pain for chronic back-pain.

  • Salt Therapy

Epsom salt that is described as a type of compound of both sulfur and magnesium is easily absorbed by the body. When combining Epsom salt with essential oils such as lavender, rosewood, ylang ylang, or patchouli oil, heat that is produced improves your blood circulation. In addition, your body will absorb the magnesium in the salt which is a natural anti-inflammatory that is needed by around 300-enzyme systems in the body which regulate a number of biochemical reactions. This alternative therapy will relax any muscle spasms, melt away anxiety along with effective pain-relieving effects.

  • Yoga

If you are in search of a way to cure the existing pain in your back or you want to prevent it, then yoga is a safe and cost-effective option. These techniques will decrease the severity associated with chronic pain in your back. These methods also improve serotonin levels which will improve your mental health and help you to sleep better. A few of the yoga asanas that work well for treating pain in the area of the back include:

The bridge or Setu Bandhasana pose

The cat or Marjarasana pose

The cobra or Bhujangasana

The triangle or Trikonasana pose

  • Herbal Remedies

There are also a number of powerful herbs which are known as natural painkillers and a few of these are great for back pain. A few to add to your list of natural alternative treatments for back pain include:

  1. Comfrey Root Extract

Ointments containing this essential herb will decrease acute pain dramatically and quickly.

  1. White Willow Bark

An oral daily dose of between 120mg and 240mg offers short-term relief from back pain.

  1. Devils Claw

Using a daily oral dose of 50mg or 100mg will effectively reduce chronic lower-back pain.

  1. Cayenne

Cayenne has been tested in a number of topical applications and is great for reducing back pain.

  • Correcting Your Posture

Since the common saying “prevention is better than cure” one of the best ways to prevent back pain will be to improve your posture while you are sleeping, sitting and standing. When standing make sure your back is erect to assist your muscles in supporting your spine. When you sit make sure you choose a chair that offers sufficient lumbar support. Make sure that you sit with an erect and upright posture while you are working and relaxing. When you lie down use a pillow in-between the knees and lie on your side. If you suffer from back pain, you should avoid stomach sleeping.

Keep in mind that all the above-mentioned alternatives will assist you in overcoming your pain over the short-term. It is your responsibility to make your back stronger through the right posture and exercise to improve your chances of eliminating back pain over the long-term.