Keep your Body and Mind Turn On

Supplement powders are very popular in bodybuilding circuit. Even nutritionist and personal trainers suggest a supplement to preserve the normal health. To compare to high-protein food, a protein powder is more convenient. Egg, Meat, fish, and dairy are high-protein food but they have fat and cholesterol, instead, supplements can maintain fat and cholesterol amount according to the quantity of protein. High-protein foods like fish, meat are more costly than protein powder. The taste is also a valuable point to make supplement popular. Always use protein powder after getting the prescription from doctors or personal trainer. Raw Supplements can use by whole family.  

Reducing Body Fat:-

The chubby people always try to reduce their weight and body fat. They do a lot of workouts and maintain diet but somehow they cannot reach their dream body. To using proper supplement is equally important as workout and diet.

 Raw supplements produce the Citrulline Malate. It is an amino acid and in the cycle of Urea. There are total three amino acids in Urea. One is L-Citrulline and other two are L-Arginine and L –Ornithine. After the absorption L-Citrulline, it changed into L-Arginine. More or less 83% of absorb citrulline is taken by kidneys. The L-Arginine is formed in kidneys, which increase your performance and energy. This Citrulline malate powder is use for the improvement of nitric oxide production in your body. This supplement can help you to reduce your unnecessary body fat. Many of diseases attack you if your blood flow decreases. This powder can increases your blood flow and makes you healthy.  When your body has nitric oxide and your blood flow is circulate perfectly then your energy also improved and you can extain your workout into next level.


  • Increase body blood flow.
  • Reduce extra body fat.
  • More nitric oxide produced in your body.
  • Extra energy develops for better performance.

Brain Development:

When your body works perfectly but your mood does not support you, then neither you can perform well in any field nor you get to relax your mind properly. Keeps your mood on is very important fact for body development.

L-Tyrosine is a compound to solve mood disorder, worked as an anti-depression. This is an amino acid and normally we found this acid in high-protein food like milk, cheese, nuts, chicken. L-Tyrosine is help to synthesize protein. This powder is use as a pre-workout supplement because it is a precursor to adrenaline. L-Tyrosine is not only helps to reduce your stress also helps to keep your workout performance high when you get back from stress. This supplement has an impact on Thyroid hormones to build up your energy.


  • Stress release.
  • Improve your memory.
  • Increase cognition
  • Improve your endurance.

Make sure you check up your body by doctors to stay healthy .