Moving Your Medical Clinic


Any medical practitioner will tell you how inconvenient it can be picking up your practice and moving it across the state, or even worse, across the country. Depending on your trade, it may be necessary to pick up and move to build your business. A plastic surgeon in the Bronx isn’t going to be as successful as a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills when it comes to patients that can afford that perfect figure. There is just a demographic that demands cosmetic surgery, and there are certain places to find them. If you wanted to be a sports therapist for an NFL team, you wouldn’t move to Oklahoma.

I am writing this article because a business partner of mine is moving his medical practice out of state and in my opinion, that’s not necessarily moving it, that is just starting over. So how can you go about successfully relocating your medical practice out of state? For starters you will need to do some research, what’s the demographic of the area, average monthly income, and what does your competition look like. You may also want to call around and talk to some of the local practices and find someone that has re-established themselves in another market. I know of a Chiropractor that moved to Huntersville, North Carolina that has become a major success in the small town he has set up in. Now Huntersville may be an exception considering its size, a Chiropractor may find success there, but a Sports therapist or cosmetic surgeon may not find similar success.

Scouting the area that you will be opening your practice it will also allow you to get a feel for the everyday people that may become patients of yours. Sports chiropractors may not only see athletes, there is a chance that a weekend warrior walks through the doors of the clinic and needs an adjustment from a fall he took mountain climbing. There are many reasons to scout location as well. How about visibility, parking, quality of the neighborhood, and all those things that should be considered at ground level. Setting up your own medical practice is hard enough, moving it is a completely different task. With all those things considered you still must think about employees, are existing ones moving with you?

Will you need to re-hire a competent staff to help you run the day to day workings of a medical practice? Before opening a medical practice you need to consider these things, and if you are moving your practice you will also need to make sure you have covered these concerns. If you are staying in state, will existing employees and patients be able to make the commute without being inconvenienced? All these should be considered before setting up or moving your medical practice.