4 Steps to Getting that Perfect Figure

If you take a look at social media and pop culture, so many women are getting plastic surgeries to make their bodies curvier. Unfortunately, there are women who are taking the cheap route with illegal butt injections. There are women dying from these poor choices. Instead, there is a safe route to a curvier body. If this is what you desire, be willing to work for it. Try these four techniques to build the curvy body of your dreams.

  1. Lose fat.

Many women make the mistake of eating junk food in order to keep the curves. Instead, this leads to layers of unhealthy fat. To build a body, you have to be able to see the muscles. It’s hard to see muscles when they’re hiding underneath layers of fat. Think of it in the way people talk about abs. Abs are already formed, but they’re not revealed until a person gets rid of the fat on top. Implement a daily cardio routine in order to shed the fat and reveal the muscle. Eat clean, get lots of rest, drink water and take diet pills. You’ll get rid of the fat in no time.

  1. Lift heavy weights.

Don’t wait until you lose all of the weight before you start lifting heavy. Besides, a good weight lifting routine combined with cardio can do wonders for the body. However, if you want to build curves, you’ll need to lift heavy weights. Those five-pound weights will not work. Start doing squats, deadlifts and other exercises to fatigue the muscles and help them grow. Furthermore, it’s really important to give the muscles a chance to recover. Don’t train the same muscles every day. Train your muscles no more than three times a week.

  1. Train your waist.

Waist training is understandably controversial. In years past, women used corsets to bring their waists in. When the waist is small, it makes the hips appear wider. The hourglass is a popular shape among women because of its sex appeal. If you’d like to attain this type of shape, consider purchasing a waist trainer. They tend to be a little more gentle on the body, yet will still deliver desired results.

  1. Consume protein.

Once you’re training the muscles each week, you’ll want to eat foods that’ll support the hard work you’re putting in at the gym. So, make sure to consume a fair share of protein. Add a scoop of protein powder to a smoothie before you go to the gym. Eat some celery sticks with peanut butter as a post-workout snack. Eat lean meats like salmon and grilled chicken. Eat lots of healthy green vegetables and closely watch your intake of sugar. If you don’t eat meat, there’s lots of protein found in vegetables, legumes and nuts.