More about Minimally Invasive Lap Band Surgery and Its Importance to the Individuals

Hundreds of individuals from all over the globe struggle with weight loss. Many have gone through all non-surgical methods such as exercises and diets, but nothing seems to happen, getting them frustrated with the results. For such people, minimally invasive weight loss surgery can be their best solution. This article seeks to talk more about what it is, how surgeons perform it and how it benefits an individual.

What is minimally invasive lap band surgery?

Lap band surgery is a surgical procedure that aims at making the stomach smaller. It is performed to help people lose weight that has been disturbing them for long. The surgery controls the amount of food that an individual’s stomach can hold, which in turn makes an individual feel full quickly.


How is it done?

The operation takes place via a laparoscope, which is a surgical camera that allows the surgeon to see inside an individual’s stomach as the procedure is going on. Only a few insertions are made in one’s abdomen, (about 1.5 to 2.5cm each). The band is inserted into the upper section of the stomach to reduce the size of the stomach using long thin instruments. With a reduced stomach size, an individual will eventually lose weight because of the reduced food intake. This surgery is an ideal one as the patient will have fewer scars and relatively less bleeding and fast healing. The surgery success rate is higher compared to other surgical methods as proven by the research.

This operational process is done on an outpatient basis as the procedure typically takes less than one hour. In the instances where the surgery takes place in an inpatient setting, an individual’s stay in the hospital is less than a day. Moreover, a person will get back to his or her normal life in about a week. Adjustments to optimize the procedure takes place via a discrete and comfortable access port placed just beneath the skin.

How patients benefit from this procedure

Individuals will make proper use of a total weight loss in about one week and achieve their weight loss goals. Another remarkable thing about this process is that it does not interfere with nutrients absorption from food because there are not surgical staples used and no re-routing of the intestines. The inserted bands can be removed and are reversible too. When the band is inflated completely, it gives pressure to the stomach thus preventing the food from moving to the lower section. One can attain the ideal amount of restriction after a few follow-up checks with a lap band surgeon.

There are thousands of success stories about this option with patients testifying on have a better outlook with themselves, gaining more confidence, feeling better, and apparently losing more weight.


Per the research, patients who have gone through this process have fewer chances of dying from heart disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems compared to obese individuals who failed to go through lap band surgery.

Note: For this procedure to be effective, a permanent lifestyle change is needed for it to be effective. A commitment to a balanced diet and regular exercises results in great improvements. Also, following doctor’s advice to the dot will make this surgery a personal success for the individual.

No one wishes to live with weight gain problems forever. That is why every individual need to take advantage of minimally invasive lap band surgery to be able to live a fulfilled life. All one needs are to get a professional lap band surgeon and then reap the benefits of this great and useful procedure.