Is Penis Enlargement a Reality or Myth?

There are very few men out there who haven’t wondered what it would be like to have a larger penis at least once in their lives.

Penis size is an interesting topic and one that many businesses have cashed in on through the development of pills, treatments and products that make big claims.

If you’re wondering just how possible it is to increase the size of your penis, keep reading.

What is considered a normal-size penis?

The average erect penis is 13cm long with a girth of around 10cm. The length and girth of a flaccid penis will vary though. There are men who are smaller than the average size though, which is when they tend to seek out treatment.

However, the majority of men who seek out penis enlargement solutions have an average-sized penis but they believe they’re below average.

Surgical penis enlargement options

Below are the surgical options for increasing the length of your penis:

  1. Pubic area fat removal. By reducing excess fat in the abdominal area, you can achieve more length. And if diet and exercise aren’t working, you can opt to remove the fat via a surgical procedure.
  2. Ligament lengthening surgery. Another option is to cut the ligament connecting the penis and pelvic bone to achieve more length.
  3. Dropping the scrotum. Very often when the scrotum is attached quite high up on the shaft, it can reduce the length of the penis. By releasing the skin that attaches the penis to the scrotum, you can achieve more length.

Non-surgical penis enlargement options

Non-surgical penis enlargement options are generally better for increasing girth than length:

  • Fat transfer. If you have excess fat in areas such as the abdomen, this fat can be transferred into the penis in order to increase girth. Revascularisation can be used to enhance the survival rate of the fat.
  • Dermal fillers. In order to enhance the size of the penis, fillers are injected into the head and shaft using small injections. Since the fillers are non-toxic, this is a safe and effective procedure. If you want to find out more about this particular procedure, visit

Which penis enlargement options don’t work?

  • Penis pumps. Penis pumps create a vacuum that helps draw more blood into the penis in order to achieve an erection. A clamp is then placed at the base of the penis in order to retain the erection. This is only a temporary solution and overuse can lead to tissue damage.
  • Supplements and creams. Regardless of what you’ve read or heard, there are no pills or creams that will increase the size of your penis.

Length vs. girth: What’s more important?

An article by Psychology Today showed that most women aren’t overly concerned with penis size yet over 70% of men thought that penis size and shape was incredibly important.

The majority of women also chose girth over length, which is opposite to what men thought.  

This is because a thicker penis offers more clitoral stimulation and because most stimulation takes places near the wall of the vagina, girth is far more important.