Ido Fishman Highlights Workout Mistakes to Avoid

One of the best things that anyone can do for their health is to embark on a fitness and exercise program. It can give you greater energy and enhance your ability of participating in daily activities. Plus, it also brings down the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. According to Ido Fishman fitness trainers, the key is understanding what you wish to achieve and then coming up with a plan to do so. Yes, it is true that any movement is certainly better than none, but your workout has to be worthwhile as well. 

If you do not exercise correctly, not only will you not be able to enjoy the benefits of movement, but you could also put yourself at the risk of injury. Therefore, Ido Fishman has highlighted some workout mistakes you should avoid for getting the benefits and preventing injury. Let’s take a look:

Mistake 1: Overtraining 

The ‘all or nothing’ concept that people are following these days means that a lot of people overdo exercise straight out of the gate. Even those who have been living a sedentary lifestyle dive into the deep end without a lot of training. But, Ido Fishman says that in most cases, people who try to power through either give up, or end up with an injury. It is better for you to listen to your body and always take some time for recovery and rest. 

Mistake 2: Not using the proper form

If you want to get the workout results you want, Ido Fishman says that your priority should be to use the proper form. It does not matter whether you are practicing a yoga routine, running, or even lifting weights; the form can make a big difference and also protect you from injury. You can use the services of Ido Fishman fitness trainers for a couple of sessions to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly.

Mistake 3: Following the same workout

Not switching up an activity overtime can lead to injury or burnout. Yes, some activity is better than nothing, but Ido Fishman says that if you want to achieve overall fitness, then you need to break off from your strict routine every now and then. You should incorporate a variety of exercises in your workout regimen, which include cardiovascular activities, strength training as well as flexibility exercises.

Mistake 4: Not warming up and cooling down

Warming up before exercising is a must because it prevents premature fatigue, skipped heartbeats and injury. Cooling down promotes recovery and prevents muscle soreness. Thus, Ido Fishman recommends that you always incorporate a couple of exercises that can get your muscles warmed up before you start working out and do stretches at the end for at least 30 seconds to cool your body down.

Mistake 5: Avoiding strength training

Strength training is necessary, not only when you want to build strong muscles, but also for preserving your muscle tone. Weightlifting and resistance exercise can help you boost elasticity and strength and also helps in building strong connective tissues. Ido Fishman says that strength training also gives your metabolism a boost, so it is a great way of getting rid of the excess fat. You don’t necessarily have to lift weights in resistance training, as there are other exercises, like swimming, yoga and body weight exercises, such as push-ups and lunges that can come in handy.

Mistake 6: Not taking time for rest and recovery

You need to get sufficient rest for your workout to be effective. Ido Fishman says that the more intense your workout, the greater recovery you require. If you think you are overdoing, don’t hesitate in taking a step back. You can take your time to build up instead of trying to speed up the process, which will only lead to injury and not give you the desired results. Make sure you replenish lost calories and water after working out.