Compression Garments and How to Wear the Compression Garment, Precautions to Take

Many methods are there in which one can reduce lymphedema and one of the best ways of reducing and controlling this disease is through the use of compression garments. Several reasons are there as to why the doctors will suggest a compression garment. It is because with the help of the compression garments the fluids will be limited and also it will not develop. In the place where it is draining well, the compression garments help the fluid to move in that area. Besides, the compression garments aid the muscles, and it supports the muscles in pumping away the fluid rather than the lymphatic fluids getting collected in one place. One of the things that you will know is that different levels of pressure compression garments are available. If you are worried about the fitting of the garments and wearing of the compression garments, then it depends on many factors one of the major factors is the amount of swelling the patient has in his feet or legs or the affected parts.

Never Wear Ill-Fit Garments – 

It is very pivotal and necessary for the patients to wear a compression garment of the right fitting. Another thing, that you should know is that compression garments for lymphedema should fit you correctly and right. For that, you may even need a compression garment tailor for the same. One of the reasons why you should wear the compression garment of the right fitting is because if you wear a garment that fits wrong then there can be swelling and other kinds of problems and it can worsen your lymphedema. You will take the help of a specialist to get the compression garments or you can check online for various kinds of good compression garments for lymphedema. If you want you can go to other good doctors for treating or taking advice on lymphedema.

Types of Garments and Care – 

In the market as well as the online stores you can get the compression garments which are for arms like you will get a compression sleeve, then compression stockings for legs, then you can get compression garments for fingers and toes, you will get a special type of compression garment for back and chest area and breast too. Other kinds of compression garments for private parts are also available. Compression garments are something that needs to be worn with a lot of care and prevention. It is not like a regular garment that you wear and removes easily. During the morning hours, the limbs or body parts are of the smallest size, so you can wear a compression garment in the morning hours.

Don’t Wear Compression Garment on Wet Skin – 


Do not wear a compression garment when you have taken bath immediately after that. Don’t roll over the compression garments. Many people think that wearing a compression garment after a bath can be easy but without dry skin, it is not easy. Wearing the compression garments in the wrong way can stop your blood circulation and cause even more swelling. If you want to wear a compression garment then you will need help, and for that, you can see your specialist and enquire with a doctor about the wearing of compression garments and how to wear them the right way, and others. One of the most important things, when you wear compression garments make sure that there is no fold in the garments or creases. It should fit skin tight and plain. To wear the compression garments right, use a rubber glove for the same and spread it tightly under the skin and above the skin. Plus, next do not apply cream or powder when wearing a compression garment, as it can make your garment ill-fit, causing another lot of problems.