How Much Should You Be Exercising?

How much you should be exercising each week will differ depending on yourself and on the goals of exercising. If you are looking to maintain good general health and wellness, you should probably be exercising about two and a half hours per week. Obviously, you do not want to do that all at once. If you are looking to train for some kind of competition or running race, you’ll probably want to exercise about twice that much. If you’re just looking to recover from an injury or illness, you should probably exercise about two and a half hours but at a much lower level. The amount of time you exercise should also be informed by the intensity of your exercise.

Time and Intensity

The intensity of exercise also affects how much time you should spend on it. Working out two and a half hours a week is about standard for staying active and healthy. You’ll want to incorporate other kinds of movement as well. That can include walking your dog, riding your bicycle to work, or playing with your kids. The point is to get up and moving. However, you can sometimes work out less than that if you increase the intensity. Working out at a high intensity will not make up for actual time spent working out, though. A Camberwell Pilates class is a great way to design the workout to fit your time and intensity level.

Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are a great way to design your workouts because they are adaptable and time-specific. If you sign up for an hour-long class, you know exactly how long you will be working out. That makes it much easier to hit your goal; no matter if your goal is two hours a week or ten hours a week, choosing the right number of Pilates classes makes that possible. Furthermore, you will be able to customise the class. Since much of Pilates involves body weight and resistance, you’ll be able to determine what works for you by modifying each position.

The Pilates instructor will be able to help those with difficulties adapt each position to either be easier on them or to just be easier on specific joints and muscles.

Intensity Levels

If you need to train for some other kind of competition or race, you’ll want to still involve Pilates in your workouts. Pilates is a great way to recover from the rigors of the exercise that you are doing. In running and cycling parlance, it is known as cross training. Cross training is doing work that is not directly related to your specific event. It will help you recover and strengthen your body for the work at hand.