How is Safe Drinking Water Essential for Survival?

Water is available everywhere in the earth namely in the sea in the liquid form and in the polar ice caps, in the streams, rivers and many other sources. 70% of earth’s surface is covered by water but all of these waters are not fit or suitable for use.  Out of the total water available in the earth, 97.2% is saline water or the seawater and the rest 2.8% is fresh or sweet water. Wherever water is present or found you can be sure that there is life and on the contrary, if there is no water there is no life. Find your life saving pure and safe drinking water from JustPure.

Brian Glazer the eminent oceanographer at theManoa University of Hawaii who has studied astrobiology says that wherever water is found in any form like ice-covered lakes of deep-sea hydrothermal vents or even at the arid deserts, microbes happen to present there to make a living. This is the reason NASA often undertakes tracing of water in the extra-terrestrial bodies in order to explore life. Recently, the NASA scientists claimed that the dark streaks that are found in the red planet of Mars are actually evidence of flowing water which obviously may not support life due to excess chlorine-based salt.

The question is why water is so important and crucial molecule for life and is there any other ingredients which provide the appropriate condition for life on other planets?  It is beyond debate that several chemical ingredients or properties of water make water essential and inevitable for living life. Water not only can dissolve almost everything, but water is also one of the very few materials that can exist in the forms of solid, liquid and gas at different temperature.

Every life in the earth planet beginning from plant life to creatures, human and ocean life use a certain membrane which further separates the organism from its environments. The membrane takes important and essential materials from water in order to stay alive as well as prevents the toxic materials to get into the body. Therefore, water is essential and important for life to live because of two basic reasons (1) it is in liquid form and (2) it has a temperature similar to the earth. Secondly, the flowing nature of water makes more essential for living the life because while flowing the water gives the opportunity to transfer various elements and substances from a cell to the cell’s environment.