Herbs and Pills

When it comes to weight loss, there is nothing with more hype or appeal than herbs and magic pills. Almost everyone who getting started on a weight loss program would love to take a pill to make them thin instantly.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in life were that simple.

Some Problems with diet pills and herbs:

  • Most don’t work!
  • Many just cause you to lose a lot of water (very dangerous).
  • They can cause dangerous side effects
  • People overdose (they think: “If 1 pill is good, 2 are better.”)
  • Many pills use very destructive ways to make the weight come off
  • When you stop taking the pills, you will gain the weight back

Everyone has an excuse for losing weight by some crazy method, but they almost always end up in disaster.  There is no end to the horrible stories we have heard about all sorts of pills and potions that were supposed to make someone thin, but they only to ended up sick or at the hospital looking foolish as they describe what they were trying to do to the doctor.

A sad fact is that billions are wasted each year on diet pills that simply don’t work.  For the most part they have no noticeable effect on your body’s weight but they sure affect your pocket book.  The best way to not be scammed by a shady diet pill product is to not take any.  That is good advice to give any friend.

Any product that is diuretic in nature will only help you to lose weight one way, through the loss of water from your body (tea and coffee are examples of weak diuretics in our every day life).  We have already learned that this is a hazardous way to lose weight because your body needs water to function.  Many people have overdosed on diuretic pills over the years. An overdose can range in severity from severe dehydration, to extreme dehydration requiring a hospital stay, all the way up to a body shutting down for good.

This is why you don’t play around with pills like this, even when they say herbal or natural (you could call cocaine and heroin natural also).