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If you’re looking for a clinic that can give you the best treatment for your skin and feminine needs, Catherine Vanderloos, MD is an obgyn in Shreveport capable of giving you the satisfaction of feeling younger and beautiful inside and out. With Dr. Catherine Vanderloos expertise, along with her other fellow practitioners, you’ll be treated like a queen with their fantastic services and relaxing environment.

Services Offered

  • Menopausal & Hormone Management – Menopause is a stage where a woman undergoes emotional and physical changes due to the body’s incapability to produce egg cells. While this is a natural stage that occurs in older women, this causes a hormonal imbalance giving women a hard time in controlling their feelings and sexual drive. As this happens, estrogen levels decrease, therefore making the body no longer able to function the way it was before. Sometimes, this also results in sexual dysfunction in women. Catherine Vanderloos offer menopausal and hormone management to reverse the effects caused by this natural change.
  • Sexual Dysfunction – Sexual dysfunction is a disorder in which most women are ashamed to talk with their partners. If you are suffering from this kind of disorder, don’t hesitate to seek advice to your ob/gyn to check and help you solve your problem. This can not only help you increase your sexual drive, but also helps in boosting the confidence during sexual activities with your partner.
  • Wellness & Weight Management – As an ob/gyne, Dr. Vanderloos is dedicated to her patient’s health and wellness. They offer full body checkups to women including breast exam and pap smear and/or pelvic exam. They will also monitor your weight and measurements to make sure you’ll get the proper treatments you need and keep track of the medications you’ll be prescribed with. With this weight loss management plan, you’ll be able to develop self-discipline as impose by your doctor as well as have the body you desire.
  • Medical & Surgical Treatments – These treatments include birth control contraceptive implantation if you wish to avoid unwanted pregnancy. These implants can remain for several years in the woman’s womb without faltering and can easily be detached by the doctor when it’s time for a replacement or maintenance.
  • Bladder Incontinence – Dr. Vanderloos treat bladder incontinence which occurs when a woman is unable to control her urinary bladder. This can cause sudden urination due to overactive bladder. They offer Kegel practices to regain the patient’s control over their bladder with a combination of minimally invasive outpatient surgery if necessary.
  • Birth Control & Sterilization – Like their Medical and Surgical treatments, they offer a variety of options for their patients to avoid pregnancy. Birth control pill, instruments and sterilization procedures are available in Catherine Vanderloos, MD. Together with the doctor’s advice and your desire, you can be able to have an active and healthy sex life without thinking of getting pregnant.
  • Hysterectomy Alternatives – Hysterectomy is a procedure in which a woman’s uterus is removed due to severe reproductive health problems. This may be a solution for several conditions like chronic pelvic pain, prolapse, cancer, irregular and heavy bleeding and other vagina and uterus problems. Doctors would usually try different medications, but if the symptoms persist, that’ll be the time they’ll offer you the option of having a hysterectomy surgery.

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With the best obgyn Shreveport, Catherine Vanderloos, MD, offers the best treatments while giving you advice and solution to your reproductive problems. Not only that, their staff and their understanding and accommodating doctors would take out the stress and anxiety in you while you decide on the options they offer.