You have Erectile Dysfunction if you are Going Through These Things!

And you thought there is absolutely nothing wrong with your body?

Whether you are a young boy or an experienced man, whether you have never had sex in your life or have been with a lot of women all throughout your life, it does not matter at all – erectile dysfunction can happen to you at any point of time in your life. There are medicines like generic tadalafil that are quite promising and can treat you in no time at all, but the first thing that you need to do is be sure that you have erectile dysfunction.

Here are the things that prove you have erectile dysfunction and you need to start taking care of yourself in an appropriate manner:

  1. You are suddenly losing a proper or full erection: If you have not got the right kind of erection in your body, it is a clear sign that you have erectile dysfunction.
  2. Your penis seems soft, even if you are totally turned on: What does your erection look like? Is it soft or full? If it does not seem very proper, you have to get yourself treated. A full erection is what you deserve to have!
  3. You are not very confident these days: People with erectile dysfunction show a lot of issues with their confidence. Since they know where they lack, they find it difficult to interact with others.
  4. You have not felt like speaking with the women you like, even if they like you back: If this is the case, you know where you lack and thus, have no confidence at all.
  5. You have lost interest in sex, all of a sudden: What bigger sign do you need than this?

So what signs are you seeing in yourself?