Wisdom Teeth – 3 Basic Facts You Need to Learn Now


Wisdom teeth grow at the back of the mouth and they are the third set of molars the show up between the ages of 17 and 25. Not everyone would develop wisdom teeth though. A common problem is that several people would have smaller jaws that makes it hard for the wisdom teeth to grow perfectly.

Due to lack of space, one or more wisdom teeth get impacted, which further leads to discomfort, pain and possible dental problems. This is when a dental expert will advise removing them. With advanced technology, wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne has become reasonable in the recent times. Here are some basics you need to learn about wisdom teeth:

Wisdom Teeth – Why is it Called So?

‘Wisdom teeth’ is not the only name given to the third molars. They are also known by different names in other languages such as dents de sagesse (French), ders-al-a’qel (Arabic), Weisheitzahne (German), sa-rang-nee (Korean), and muelas del juicio (Spanish). Even though not everyone attains wisdom by the time they approach adulthood, they gain it through experience.  Regardless, people from all across the world consider the growth of wisdom teeth as a mark of entering adulthood.

Why People have Wisdom Teeth?

Why people have wisdom teeth in the first place? The simple answer to this question is that it is not so useful, considering today’s food and dietary lifestyle. Our ancestors used to consume raw meat that required additional molars for proper chewing and grinding the hard and tough food. As years passed by, people have come up with better ideas to cook food that is easy to consume and digest.

Even though our diet has evolved and simplified, the nature of human teeth remains constant. Wisdom teeth that grows become impacted and cause trouble for some people, due to the lack of space to accommodate them. In such cases, the dental expert will recommend wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne. However, there’s also a large portion of the population who will have their wisdom teeth developed perfectly without causing issues.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

When you experience pain and other dental problems, the dental expert will take X-rays to analyse the condition of the wisdom teeth, and recommend if cheap wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne is required. Impacted wisdom teeth have to be removed because of the following reasons:

  • They lead to pain and swelling
  • They can cause damage to the roots and surrounding teeth
  • They may lead to the formation of cyst
  • They are hard to clean, thereby leading to tooth decay and/or gum diseases

These are some of the problems that could be caused due to impacted wisdom teeth.

Visit a dentist office and talk about the condition of your wisdom teeth. They will explain to you about the procedure and recovery, while also clarifying any questions about it such as the wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne, medications, or something else.