Why sitting too Much Is Not Good For Your Health?

Do you sit for a long time in your Office? Do you spend most of your time doing your tasks by sitting? Do you travel by sitting for hours? If you do so, then you must read this to know how too much sitting can affect your overall health. Here are a few effects of too much sitting on the human body.

1. It is not good for the Heart.

People who spend their most of the time in sitting are at risk to develop heart disease twice as compared those who stand. Even if you take a proper diet to maintain a healthy heart, it is equally important to have an active physical state for the heart.

2. Risk of developing Diabetes.

Sitting too much burn fewer calories, but it is not only the reason to develop Diabetes. Researchers have found that the body reacts contrary to the insulin when a person sits too much. Insulin is the hormone that helps to burn sugar and carbs for energy.

3. Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Sitting does not involve active blood circulation especially in the legs. Deep Vein Thrombosis is a situation when blood clots form in the legs and cause pain if they break out. Therefore it is recommended to take a break from sitting or have standing desks in your office to avoid too much sitting during work hours.

4. Weight Gain.

Sitting for many hours a day can cause weight gain. Whether you watch TV series for hours or sit in front of the computer to work, it is always better to take breaks in between, so that your body remains active and will help you prevent from gaining weight.

5. Anxiety.

If you are sitting for a long time, especially when you are involved in some screen-based activities, you spend lots of time alone and also disrupt the sleep. It makes you anxious and also disconnects you from your loved ones, friends and the social world.

6. Back Pain.

It doesn’t matter how comfortable seat you get, or how comfortably you sit, if you sit for a long, you can suffer from back pain. The seated position puts stress on your back muscles, neck, and spine developing the pain. If you work involves too much sitting have breaks in between, or if you don’t have time you try standing desks to save time as well as avoid sitting.