Why Fasting (Combined with a Few Smart Drugs) is Becoming Popular

Thousands of years ago our ancestors didn’t always have access to the most pristine meats, vegetables, and foods just down the street. The grocery store never existed and for many of them, going hungry was a natural part of their seasonal, annual, or even monthly cycle. Some days there was no food and other days there was little. This created a symbiotic relationship with food within humans, which is something that makes a big difference.

In this article, we are going to focus on why that has become such an important aspect of our current lives and why it is necessary to take everything seriously so as to get the most from life. Most people don’t even realize that there are positive effects of not eating, but we’ll show you how.

#1. Fasting improves aging – most people do not realize that fasting is a way for our body to clear out the cellular waste. When we are a little bit hungry over time, our body seeks calories internally which helps them to increase aging benefits over time. This is a process called autophagy and it is something that many people forget to take advantage of with all the food we have around.

This is a great tool that nearly anyone can use in order to get the best results. For most people, staying fasted helps in a number of ways.

#2. Beta Hydroxybutyrate – eating a ketogenic diet can help act as a fasting state as well. Many people like exogenous ketones and this naturally has a really big effect on things over the long-term. Beta hydroxybutyrate helps people who are in a ketogenic state to increase their ketones, which helps with mental energy while they are fasting.

There is a lot of evidence that ketogenic diets are helpful for people besides those who are simply overweight. It seems like a great disease prevention tool according to a lot of the research.

#3. It’s not that hard – another point to keep in mind when you are considering whether you are going to do fasting is that it really isn’t that hard. Many people who are using fasting as a tool find that after a couple of weeks, their hunger hormones no longer need to be able to function in the same way. For example, many people utilize fasting and realize that ghrelin (the hormone related to hunger) is based on a circadian rhythm.