What You Can Do To Beat a Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction was not just a 80s problem. Although the amount of cocaine use has dropped off in recent years, the use of crack and other forms of cocaine have actually increased. The thought that cocaine is no longer a problem in the United States is a false hope. Cocaine is a popular stimulant drug and its more addictive and less expensive counterpart, crack, is even more popular. If you are addicted to cocaine or crack, you might already be experiencing some of the harmful effects of the drug. It may even seem like there is no way to stop. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to beat your cocaine addiction once and for all.

Know the Addiction

It might seem strange but many people do not realize that they are addicted to cocaine. Some say that they are addicted and that they only use occasionally. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as only occasional cocaine use. It might start that way but it rapidly progresses into a habit and then an addiction. One of the first ways to beat any addiction is to understand that you are addicted. You can do this by examining the signs. In the case of cocaine addiction, the signs are:

  • Needing cocaine to feel normal
  • Developing a tolerance to the cocaine or crack
  • Job loss or other financial difficulties due to your cocaine use
  • Avoiding family and friends who do not approve of your drug use
  • Using the drug when you know you shouldn’t
  • Craving the drug

These are just some of the basic signs. There are many more. Essentially if you feel that you have to use the drug to function or you experience intense emotions connected with using or stopping use of cocaine, there is an excellent chance that you are an addict.

Make the Decision to Quit

It sounds simple but sometimes making a decision to quit using cocaine is a step in the right direction. The decision has to be a conscious one because it takes time and effort to beat an addiction as severe as cocaine. This is similar to practicing the concept of mindfulness or conscious awareness.

Develop a Support Structure

Tell those that you care about that you are trying to quit. Let them help you set and reach your goals for ending your addiction. Someone to rely on can be invaluable when it comes to beating a complex cocaine addiction.

Seek Help

Most people cannot beat a cocaine addiction without help. Help is available. A combination of symptom control and therapy often helps to control the withdrawal symptoms. As most of the symptoms are psychological, the therapy can help to alleviate many of them.

Finding a complete treatment program is not as hard as it might seem. There are treatment centers across the United States that are prepared to help. There are programs specific to cocaine addiction that can help you beat cocaine addiction for good.