What is the best way to get to work?


When travelling to work every day, most people will say they take public transport or drive. There are many other alternatives available, though, which people tend to forget.

Our team have put together some of the best ways to commute to work.

  1. Walking

Although this option is not possible for some, if you are in close vicinity to where your work is located, you can consider walking. More often than not, people who live relatively close to their workplace will arrive faster than they would if they drove as they can avoid traffic during peak hour – not to mention the money they save, and the health benefits achieved from walking.

  1. Running

Similar to walking, running to work is an easy and effective way to squeeze exercise into your already full day. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a gym membership to run on a treadmill inside, try running to and from work daily. This will more than likely save you time and money and get you out in the fresh air, soaking up the sun’s vitamin D.

Depending on your office as well, there may be accessible bathrooms, so you can shower upon arrival.


  1. Cycling

You have probably heard this option many times, but it is true – cycling is one of the most efficient ways to commute to work. Even if you do not live close by to your workplace, riding a bike is easier than walking or running and you are still getting daily exercise and saving money.

  1. Carpool
    Depending on where you live, a car might be necessary to get to work. If you are aware of a colleague who lives close by, you may be able to organise to carpool with them to work daily. This will of course save money for both of you as you can split the cost of fuel and parking. Car share services might also be a viable option for you.