What is Sclerotherapy?

Most people learn to live with certain manageable health conditions that are untreatable. Nonetheless, they make them uncomfortable and less confident. Among these conditions is varicose veins. This is a situation where an individual’s veins enlarge due to overfilled blood. Depending on the person’s complexion, they appear on the outer skin as bluish-purple or red. People experiencing such, suffer from some pain and discomfort. There are various treatments for varicose veins that your doctor might recommend but Sclerotherapy is the preferred, less-invasive one. It is a procedure that is commonly utilized by professional dermatologists or any other medical practitioner that has acquired special skills towards this practice.

When to Consider Treatment

Not all individuals undergoing some spider veins require this procedure done on them. Although spotting such symptoms is very easy, you will need a diagnosis from your medical practitioner to be sure and guide you towards the required treatment. You might discover that your condition doesn’t need such a procedure and could be treatable via other simple remedies. Most common symptoms that might warrant you to seek the sclerotherapy include:

  • Pain from your veins
  • A rash near your veins
  • Having swollen legs that might feel heavier

How Does Treatment Work?

The operation involves the injection of sclerosing agents into the problematic veins. The solution is salt-based. The procedure is very brief and can take a minimum of fifteen minutes to a maximum of one hour. Most people suffer from varicose veins on their legs and the medical specialist working on your condition will require you to lie diagonally. This is supposed to create an elevation so that your legs are raised away from the bed. Once everything is set up, the specialist will sanitize the specific area and inject the liquid into your affected veins. The resultant effect of the injected fluid is an irritation of the blood vessels. This causes a swelling and eventual clot. The full treatment occurs after a period of time when your body’s normal healing process absorbs the unused vein tissue eliminating it from human view. The treatment’s intensity varies; others might require more than one visit to the doctor for a complete removal of the varicose veins.

Areas Sclerotherapy Treatment Works Effectively

This varicose vein treatment procedure doesn’t function in all regions of the body. Some might need a different procedure due to some underlying factors. Since varicose veins mostly affect the lower region of your body, that is the main treatment area. These are areas like:

  • Feet
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Ankles


Since it is a very popular treatment; it definitely has some benefits over others. Some of the common ones are:

  • It is a short and fast procedure that doesn’t waste a lot of your time; you are in and out in a matter of minutes. You can easily fit it into your busy schedule.
  • It is a less expensive and invasive procedure.
  • The procedure is highly effective and you will have no scars at all.
  • You experience less pain. This is a very beneficial component for those patients that are very sensitive to pain.
  • Since the procedure is very simple, there is no special requirement after treatment, you can go back to your normal schedule.

When suffering from varicose veins and confused on the treatment to undertake, get in touch with a medical practitioner for further advice. They will perfectly diagnose you and suggest the most appropriate procedure.