What Does Stress Do to Your Body?

We’ve all had that one stressful week or month at work that completely drained us out of our energy. Staying stressed is no one’s idea of a work week, but it’s something that frequently occurs around the workplace. Though stress is an indication that you’re working on something important and of value, it doesn’t mean that we must remain in a stressful state, since it can significantly affect your bodies’ functions.

Commitment to success

Our generation is living at a dangerous time. We are forced into a habit of working twice as hard while earning half what people used to receive. People have sacrificed their holidays and rest days just so that they may be able to make the most out of their progress in life. More and more young professionals are feeling out of place and even unhappy with their work environments but choose to plough on and work through the pain to achieve some semblance of success. For some, it may be a higher position at work, to others, it may be the chance of gaining recognition in their field; whichever the case, we are stuck in a time where the world is going faster than we can stumble and crawl to keep up with the pace.

Effects of stress on the body

Stress can come from different sources. Overwork or handling too many projects at once could send your brain into overtime regarding remembering numbers, dates, and names. Spending too much time in front of your desktop or laptop could also lead you to over fatigue and stress from electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Effects of pressure on your body include chest pain, headaches, and sleep apnoea to name a few. Stress also affects you emotionally by causing anxiety, social withdrawal, and forcing yourself into social isolation to be away from the sources of your pain.

How to manage stress

Managing stress can be a difficult task especially if you’re a goal-oriented person. A smart way to go around the issue of ‘quitting from the challenge’ is thinking of it instead as ‘taking a short break’.

Taking some time off from your devices is a smart way to keep away from some unneeded stress; this could then be a start for you to learn a little more about EMF protection to know what it is and how it helps remedy your work-related symptoms.

Committing to a consistent and efficient diet and fitness routine could keep your body at its best even when facing troubling times. Regular exercise can also aid in the de-stressing process by having an outlet to keep your body active and your mind away from the worries of work.

Taking some time off such as setting aside a day for a personal vacation could help keep your work life and your home life separate. Finding some time to watch a few movies or occasionally treating yourself to a nice restaurant could improve your dopamine levels to counteract your stress levels.