Ever seen people smoking in front of the no smoking board? And higher authority present there and not stops them? That is because they are not smoking a cigarette they are smoking an E-Cigarette which has denser smoke than the usual cigarette. They are considered as an alternative way to quit smoking and is called vaping.  For information about e juice, click here.


Vaping is a form of smoking. It is basically giving one a feeling that you are smoking but that is just stimulation. The vaping is done by using an electronic cigarette that generates the vapors out of the liquid inside it.


Vaping has been backed up as a healthy nicotine alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Following are some of the health benefits that occur due to vaping.

  • Nicotine is present in lungs and bloodstream but without the smoke and tar of a regular cigarette.
  • 95% safer for health than smoking.
  • Vaping prevents weight gain.
  • Vaping helps you flush your stomach.


Millions of smokers have switched to vaping and have started to quit smoking as they believe and it is proved that vaping is a lot better than smoking. The results of switching to vaping have thrilled everyone. The vaping contains no tobacco at all and hence the health risk is reduced to a greater level. Vaping is basically considered as the nicotine replacement therapy for smokers to avoid the health issues that are caused due to smoking. Switching to vaping has altogether helped a lot in dealing with the smokers craving in a safer and beneficial way. The toxic level in vaping is far lesser and controlled than that of smoking. Studies have also suggested that the use of e-cigarettes or vaping has reduced tobacco danger to a big extent and the use of this product will be minimal in the future.
Vaping has reduced the health issues smokers have and has saved a billion lives because smoking has been increasing a lot. Smokers who have smoked a lot approximately for 45 years have quitted smoking with the help or e-cigarettes or vaping.
People are blessing those who have created the e-cigarette there were times when I heard people saying God bless those who invented vaping. People are far more conscious about their health than they were before and to see that their smoking habit can be minimized and stopped after having an e-cigarette has given them a feeling of good relief.
Vaping in considered better even from the doctor’s point of view. They also believe and have seen results of people getting better after switching to vaping. Their coughing, lung problems and many other diseases are controlled after switching to vaping. Patients show improved results after they have lowered down their consumption of tobacco.
Vaping has also been introduced in a lot of restaurants where people have stopped /banned smoking. You cannot smoke but you can use e-cigarettes. Hence, vaping is allowed because better than smoking!