The Effects of Substance Abuse on Family

Substance abuse has different effects on different family structures. People who abuse substance often found themselves cut off from the family and they increase the association with others who abuse substance. Such associates participate, support and reinforce one another’s behavior. Every single person in the addict’s family is affected by the individual’s addiction.

Following are a few effects of substance abuse on a family:

·        Financial problems:

Due to all the bad impacts of substance abuse on body, the addict becomes unable to perform normal tasks like working, job etc. and it the abuser is the financial supporter of the family then it can be possible to maintain financial issues. The parent, if are addicts, then the life of children may become hard and such problems becomes harder if the single parent abuses substance. In any case if the addict is the important person in maintaining financial stability then it is obviously going to be hard time for the family. Financial problems can lead to sexual and physical abuse also.

·        Family damage:

The addiction leads to being less caring for the kids and other members. In some cases the children are given to child protection services while the addicts fight with the addiction and works on overcoming the addiction. And it becomes very much hard legally and mentally to face ones children and get them back from child protection services (CPS). Like if any mother who was a substance abuser earlier then she will need to fulfill a certain requirements for mother trying to reunite with children in CPS after she has recovered from her addiction.

·        Negative environment:

Addicts create a harmful and dangerous environment at home and this leads to the negative comments and complaints by the other members resulting in a negative, stressful and depressive environment in the family. The negative environment most affects the kids and children of family as they won’t understand the things going on and such situations may foster stress and depression in them.

·        Higher rate of substance abuse in upcoming generation:

The children of substance abuser are more likely to fall into addiction of drugs or alcohol than that of non-addicts. The individuals who lived with drug or alcohol addict are at a greater risk for emotional, mental and behavioral problems.