Pregnancy Tummy: What to Expect Post-Pregnancy

Post-Baby Body: The Belly of a New Mum.

There are so many joys to motherhood especially if you’re a first-time mum, even if uncertainty and sleep deprivation leave you feeling less than secure about your new role as a parent. However, little pleasure exists when trying to adapt to all of the new changes that your body is going through as a result of pregnancy, especially if you had a difficult birth or c-section. When your pregnant your stomach tends to swell up, and your abdominal skin stretches, quite far and wide, which leads to unwanted stretch marks.

What your belly looks like after having a baby

  • During pregnancy, the skin of your belly swells, and you tend to keep in more water than normal
  • You may notice the appearance of cellulite that didn’t exist pre-pregnancy
  • Your post-pregnancy belly will most likely look and feel squishy; it will be more elastic than firm and feel completely different then it did during the last stages of pregnancy.
  • Stretch marks can become more prominent AFTER pregnancy as the skin is laxer after you delivered your baby.
  • Hormones go through major changes which tend to decrease the size of the belly after pregnancy, but hormones can fluctuate and are different for everyone.

Welcome to the non-joys of the Post-Pregnancy Body of being a new Mum!

Often, depending on your skin, age, the size of the baby and the abdominal trauma you experienced giving birth, you’re going to have to accept that pregnancy changes your body in drastic ways and you’re not going to like it! Most of those ways are going to be permanent; however, some of them can be corrected with excellent plastic surgery options such as a Tummy Tuck or liposuction when administered at well-respected clinics such as; Quinn Plastic Surgery.

Psychological effects of post-baby body changes

  • 71% of new mums feel like they are less attractive after pregnancy
  • 88% of new mums don’t get back their pre-pregnancy stomach

Losing confidence in your body after pregnancy

In general, women feel that they need to lose at least two dress sizes to reach their ideal shape following pregnancy. One of their concerns is how they’re going to be able to dress comfortably, after pregnancy.

  • 48% of women wear over-sized clothing to hide their body as much as possible after having a baby.

The ability to wear clothes that you can look and feel great in by having numerous wardrobe choices – is often important to most women; and the same thing goes for women after pregnancy, but unfortunately, the fashion options you have become much more limited. This is often because of protruding and sagging skin on the stomach that stops you from wearing tightly fitted, sexy clothing. That much hated ‘muffin top’ look that we’re stuck with after pregnancy can leave some of us living in our tracksuits after having babies…sometimes for years!