Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair

Are you tired from your regular work schedule? Do you want some special massage but you do not have any time to do that? Introducing the Medical Breakthrough 4 chair Recliner that will provide you next level of comfort and relaxation. This chair is the highest level of scientifically advanced massage chairs that can relive your neuromuscular pain. The medical breakthrough chair is designed with a team of 25 special experts including doctors, surgeons, chiropractor, and pain specialists. Here we give the initial Medical Breakthrough 4 chair Recliner massage chair reviews to you for general information.

The chair is a medical recommended, ultra-modern design massage chair, which can improve your overall health issues. It has advanced technology such as zero gravity technology with built-in infra-red heating to soothe your body muscles. The chair has reached all expectations. The function is very easy to understand for all, that is why massage chair reviews are all positive for users. The customer service is well above and beyond expectations.

Short Description:-

  • Name:-    Medical Breakthrough
  • Net Weight:-   220 pound
  • Chair Dimension (L*M*H):-  53 * 30 * 44.5 inches
  • Rating:-  4.9 out of 5


  1. Cutting-edge L-track design: – The L-track system can support your body for a more effective massage. Actually, it is a four-wheel drive roller trail that is shaped to fit the curves of as per your body shape. In addition, it can give you a proper support in your neck all the way down the spine to the buttocks.
  2. Smart body scanner: – The smart body scanner is an advanced intelligent system that automatically detects and adjusts the massage chair’s fit according to your body type. This chair has in-built programmed massage technology like as Shiatsu, Kneading, Flapping, Knocking, and Kneading, with up to five levels of speed.
  3. Zero Gravity Sleep Technique: – The zero-gravity system is a particular technology which ensures your body weight is spread out, as a result, your body remains almost weightless during the massage. This technique has different adjustable levels. The reclined level offering you a therapeutic effect that can be felt instantly.
  4. Built-in Intense Heat Therapy: – This technology gives you warm feeling beside it can provide you with greater health benefits using carbon fibber infra-red heat sourcing technique. You can feel your blood vessels dilate with experience of cell rejuvenation through improved your blood flow and circulation.