Is The Threadlift Right For You?

The Threadlift Procedure

Your plastic surgeon may advise you not to drink or eat after midnight the night before your thread lift procedure. He or she may prescribe antibiotics for you to take before the surgery and recommend that you stop taking other medications.

During the threadlift, your plastic surgeon will create tiny incisions in the targeted locations and use a threaded needle to lift up the tissue and suspend the lift with the thread. The threads will be secured in place and help to prompt new collagen upon insertion to lift particular areas. Threadlift procedures are normally performed in a hospital or in an outpatient medical surgery centre.

Because this procedure is minimally invasive, general anaesthesia is not required.

Thread Lift Recovery

Your plastic surgeon should provide you with a full list of postoperative instructions that you HAVE to follow to minimise the risk of any complications during your recovery time. The instructions may include having a friend or family member drive you home and help you at home for the first 24 hours following the procedure.

You will also have some food restrictions for the first week. Pain is managed with oral medications. Your plastic surgeon may also advise you to elevate your head when laying down to help minimise swelling for the first day after the procedure.

Risks and Complications

The thread lift is still a new procedure, and its techniques are continuously being developed. Results have varied considerably among patients, but are consistently improving. In some cases, there is a potential risk significant of the procedure is that patients may not notice any improvement. If this is the case, you would want to undergo a face lift, brow lift or neck lift to achieve noticeable improvement.

Some patients with thin skin have reported that the sutures become visible under the skin shortly after the procedure.

Selecting the Right Thread Lift Surgeon

You need to find a board-certified plastic surgeon like at Verve Cosmetic Clinic Sydney as they generally have the most extensive knowledge about performing thread lifts. After you approach to the consultations, cosmetic plastic surgeon will listen your suggestions & wishes and based on that will advise about the best treatment and the expected result. It is important to remember that each case is individual.

Conduct Some Research

Check out the plastic surgeon. Read through the surgeon’s training, credentials, education, the type of board certification held and the number of times that the surgeon has administered thread lifts. View before-and-after photos of the surgeon’s thread lift patients, to help set reasonable expectations for your results.

Ask where the procedure will be administered and the nature of the treatment plan. Inquire about the specific technique that is recommended for your specific case. Techniques differ among patients and plastic surgeons. Thoroughly look at the pre and postoperative instruction list the surgeon provides.