How to Avoid Being Bitten by Mosquitoes

There are numerous rationales for passing on the regular summer mosquito bites this year. Deadly diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya are spreading in some regions and an outbreak of yellow fever has hit Angola. Not to forget about Zika which is penetrating most regions of the Caribbean and continues to spread northward. You most likely will not encounter these mosquito bite transmitted diseases that kill people every day, but it is always better to be safe than to be dead right?

The best way to do this is to just not get bit by mosquitos, to begin with. For some people that sounds relatively simple, but for others, it can seem like a monumental goal to have. Certain individuals are more attractive to the biting pests than others, and some southern areas simply get invaded during night hours of the summer months. Besides barricading yourself inside for the entire summer, how can you keep from being bitten?

Cover Your Skin

This may sound slightly crazy for those who live in the tropical south regions where it stays at a steady 98 degrees throughout the night, but one of the best ways to keep from getting bit is by wearing clothes. Long sleeves, shoes that actually cover your feet, long pants, and wearing a hat can all have a significant influence on your susceptibility to getting bit by mosquitos. While it is not impossible for mosquitos to bite through clothing, it is highly unlikely.

Keep Mosquitos Outside

Many of us have habits of leaving the door open when we bring in groceries or keeping the porch door propped open during a neighborhood BBQ. This is how mosquitos get into your home and stay in until they eventually die after biting you. As tempting as it may be, always close doors behind you quickly when entering and exiting your home, and if you have to have a door open use a screen in the opening. It is also wise at night to keep lights off that are in close proximity to a door that is used frequently as mosquitos are attracted to light. Keeping windows around doors covered will also stop mosquitos from crowding around the openings in your home.

Take Advantage of Mosquito Nets

Αντικουνουπικά made specifically for protection from mosquitos are not just for camping and hiking, there are many creative ways that these nifty things can keep you from getting bit. Use a mosquito net to cover yourself when you are camping even if you are sleeping in a tent. Use your mosquito net to patch holes in your window screens or even use it on your doors if you need to have them open. Use your mosquito net as a face shield by cutting and fashioning it around your head over a baseball cap. When you have towels, clothing, or sheets sitting outdoors in the open, use your mosquito net as a bag for them so that you don’t get bitten by mosquitos that decide your clothes are warm and smell good.

Make a mosquito net poncho suit but be sure to seal the net around the wrists and the waist so there is no opening for mosquitos to enter. If you plan to eat at an outdoor table that happens to have an umbrella over it, use your mosquito net over the umbrella to make a tent over the table and chairs. You can utilize the same idea for spas or a section of a swimming pool that has an umbrella over it. Keep your mosquito net over your outdoor shower since mosquitos tend to be drawn to water. You can avoid smelly irritating sprays and wearing a ton of clothes by simply getting creative with your handy dandy mosquito net!