How Much Do You Need To Pay For Human Growth Hormone

The number of growing cases of people buying Somatropin, without prescription has become a big concern to the medical industry. The genetic name of HGH is Somatropin, which is a synthetically produced hormone.

This supplement is available only with a prescription for treating any issue with pituitary gland. This pituitary gland dysfunction is common among children, adults and seniors as well. Besides, use of HGH is mainly for medical purpose.

You may buy Somatropin from online as well

Any genuine Somatropin supplement can be used to treat children who are suffering from growth related problems. Many adults are also treated, if their body does not naturally produce the required amount of human growth hormone. Even doctors prefer to use this drug very cautiously when they prescribe it for pituitary gland treatments. That is because HGH therapy is pretty expensive and it requires a lot of monitoring of hormone level in the patient’s body.

The price of the Somatropin depends upon the brand that you chose to buy. There are about 24 different are available in the market to choose from. Its price can be anything from $500 to $7500 per month, if you the injections daily. Total expenditure will also vary due to the brand you choose, dosage that you need, frequency of intake and how long you need to take your treatment.

We will not be surprised if you end up spending more than 10 thousands of dollars in very short periods of time. Therefore many people try to source Somatropin from some online suppliers which are outside the purview of many doctors. Some of online dealers are selling illegal drugs produced under non standard environment in third world countries or it is illegally produced.

Therefore while buying from any online sources one need to be extremely cautious and prefer to buy this drug from any well known online suppliers. Avoid buying products from Mexico, China or India which are known for supplying low quality of hormone products that can produce adverse side reactions.

In spite of having legal restrictions in buying Somatropin many bodybuilders use them for their muscle growth and end up buying from certain unauthorized sources. Though HGH can grow muscles but it does not help in increasing the real body strength or stamina.

Nowadays there are number of dietary supplements have also appeared in the market that can do the function of HGH. These supplements can also repair the function of pituitary gland and help in producing necessary hormones.