Get Yourself, And Your Family, A Peaceful Night

Sleep is supposed to be calm and restful period of your 24 hours. But, for some people is not that simple. They wake up tired, and during the day, they feel sleep-deprived and easily lose focus. The most common reason is snoring, which affects not only the person who snores but also the people who live with that person.

A few words about snoring

Snoring is a problem for many people, among both genders and all ages. Usually, it affects males and persons who are overweight. It will, in most cases, occur nightly, but it can occur intermittently and this is not the worst thing, snoring usually gets worst as people age and it is closely related to sleep apnea.

During sleep the muscles of your throat are relaxed, your tongue falls backward, and the throat becomes “floppy”. While the air is going through the throat, this relaxed tissue starts to vibrate, and these vibrations lead to the characteristic sound of snoring. As the airway becomes narrower, the vibrations become greater and snoring is louder.

Relaxed throat tissue is the cause of snoring

For some people, the walls of the throat can collapse, and the throat becomes completely occluded, creating a condition called sleep apnea, which you can check at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne. This condition can lead to many health problems and they are usually related to heart diseases.

If you are not sure how bad your snoring is or if you have any of these signs and symptoms: morning headaches, feeling sleep deprived during the day and not feeling well-rested when you wake up, waking up at night feeling confused, you gain weight recently and poor focus during the day, you should consult with your doctor.


People who snore, are unaware of their snoring, and usually, they get the information from their partners. It will be good to visit your doctor who will take your history, perform a physical exam, and sometimes the doctor will send you to a sleep specialist, and a sleep test will determine if you have sleep apnea.

Depending on your results, you will get a series of options for snoring treatment.  Such as lifestyle modification, appliances such as nasal dilators, CPAP which is a positive airway pressure machine that blows room air into the back of the throat. All of these treatments are effective, but one of the newest and with no downtime is a nightlase treatment.

Sleep well for better life quality

This treatment is done with a laser appliance which will affect the tissue in your throat. Specialist in snoring treatment Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will in detail explain to you how this treatment works, and he will decide if you will need one or more sessions. Basically, you will only feel a heating sensation, which will make your tissue tighter.

Final word

Making your life better is now easier with these new technologies, which will give you a well-deserved rest and new energy for everyday activities.